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Emojis You Wish Existed

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Before you start reading this emojis list, let's get one thing straight - no one is complaining about the current selection of emojis. Emojis are awesome! Everyone loves seeing a little alien in a box and as well as the option to diversify a princess or a police officer. But if you're an avid emoji-er, you've probably been seriously perplexed as to why there's no middle finger emoji, no stop sign, and no hungover emoji.

Emojis have become one of the fastest forms of communication. Without speaking, typing, or punctuating, you can send a simple emoji to a close friend and they'll be able to decode it. Crying in the bath after seeing your crush with another girl? Totally translatable with emojis. Eating a burger after a hard workout? Translatable! Battling a severe bout of heartburn after downing a bag of Hot Cheetos? Not translatable! Because there's no Hot Cheeto emoji.

To optimize this cute and speedy form of communication, we're lobbying that the following emojis be added to everyone's emoji selection. What does everyone have against the motorcycle, anyway? Why is it the only form of transportation missing from the emoji menu? All of the emojis you'll see listed below would definitely get used on the regular. Seriously, how is there no trash can?!

Are you ready to get new emojis? Vote up the ones you wish existed that are listed below and add any awesome emoji ideas you'd love to see!

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List Rules: Upvote the emojis you would use even more than the smiling poop, if they existed.