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The Most Emotional Moments In Marvel Comics History  

Joe Donley
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Why do we read sad stories? For whatever reason, there’s something absurdly cathartic about digesting a gut-wrenching, soul-crushing tale of death, abuse, or perpetual states of teenage angst. We’ve experienced this with films, we’ve experienced this with novels, but for whatever reason, until recently, comic books have more or less been written off by people who don't regularly read them as frivolous, shallow entertainment with no real emotional impact.

Marvel Comics has been in the business of making people cry for as long as they’ve existed. Between the heavy social commentary on discrimination we’ve seen in X-Men titles dating back to the '60s all the way up to the death of America’s First Avenger in 2007, Marvel knows how to pull at our heartstrings. Here are some sad Marvel comics that will make you cry. Vote up the most emotional Marvel moments.

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Ultimate Peter Parker's Death
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Ultimate Spider-Man, like the rest of the Ultimate universe, promised to be a darker, more edgy take on everyone's favorite Web Head. How, then, do you make a story about an orphaned teenager losing his father figure due to his own arrogance even more depressing? Easy. You kill him when he's 16.

In the Death of Spider-Man arc, Peter can't really catch a break. He gets beaten within an inch of his life by the Sinister Six, but repeatedly puts off medical treatment in order to save his family and his community. He takes a bullet for Captain America, survives a bridge blowing up, and still manages to bash Norman Osborn to death with a truck. The resulting explosion, however, finally does him in. With the last of his strength, he manages to tell Aunt May that he "did it." He made up for not being able to save Uncle Ben by saving her.

With that, Peter Parker died, leaving New York City a better place than he found it.       

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Tony Stark's Postmortem Confession To Steve Rogers
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While it's easy to argue that the saddest moment from the Civil War crossover event was the death of Steve Rogers, Tony Stark's admission of guilt to Captain America's corpse in 2007's aptly titled Civil War: The Confession was more emotionally impactful for some readers. Death in comic books is cheap and rarely permanent, but the same can't be said for emotional revelations. 

See, following Cap's murder, Tony Stark made a shocking confession to his old friend's corpse. He tells him that not only did he sense a conflict fomenting for years around the government registration of superheroes, but that he also knew they would fight on different sides of the issue. Stark was prepared to sacrifice their friendship since he knew they'd each be entrenched in their own ideology, but he didn't anticipate Captain America's death.

It was a haunting eulogy and confession that reverberated through the Marvel landscape for years afterwards. 

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Spider-Man Faces 9/11 Head-On
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When the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon happened in September 2001, it was genuinely difficult to process, especially for kids young enough to both comprehend what was going on and simultaneously have no idea the gravity of the situation at hand. That following December, Marvel released The Amazing Spider-Man #36: Stand Tall.

The issue gives an incredibly real look at what lower Manhattan was like the day the towers fell, and through the eyes of Peter Parker, readers will realize that the emotional confusion they felt that day was universal.

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The Invisible Woman's Miscarriage
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The Fantastic Four comics have never been afraid to explore all aspects of family life, the light and the dark. Things tipped the scale towards darkness, for example, in John Byrnes's 1984 Fantastic Four Vol. 1 #267

Sue Richards (The Invisible Woman) is pregnant with her second child by Dr. Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic). Due to her unique physiology and unstable genetic makeup, childbirth is potentially deadly. Mr. Fantastic tries to get help from an unlikely source (Dr. Otto Octavius, AKA Dr. Octopus) but is waylaid when the criminal scientist fights him and tries to break free. By the time he finally gets to the hospital with Doc Oc in tow, Sue had already lost the baby. 

It's a tragic moment that showcases the vulnerability of Marvel's First Family, and indeed the feelings of loss anyone would feel in a similar situation.   

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