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The Most Emotional Moments In Comics

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Fans of comic books usually look towards their favorite series for excitement, action, and escapism. However, there are those brilliantly written pieces that tug at our heartstrings and can make us cry. This list collects the most emotional moments in comics, those moments in superhero stories that left you devastated and crying.

Almost all of the major heroes have ventured forth into the great beyond at one time or another. It kind of comes with the job. However, when written delicately, these deaths transcend the medium and become actual news. People all over the world mourned the death of Superman and Captain America. People recoiled when told about Robin's brutal demise.

For some, the tragedy isn't the event, but watching the fallout as beloved characters sink into depression and despair over their loss. The reality that gets injected into comics sometimes feels so real that it's hard to separate one's self from it. It's only when both the heroes and the audience are able to look at death, acknowledge its ever-presence in our life, and continue forward, that they are able to obtain heroism. 

So grab that box of tissues and your security blanket - these are the most emotional events in comic book history. Most of these entries are tears of sadness, but a few are tears of happiness or relief.
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    Batman and Ace

    Photo: Warner Bros.
    Amanda Waller recants to Terry McGinnis a tale of Batman's compassion in a later Justice League Unlimited episode. Ace, the ultra powerful child in the Royal Flush Gang, has her powers of manipulation grow out of control. Waller has deduced that the only way to stop the girl is to put her down. Sparing the other League members, Batman opts to confront Ace. When he reaches her, she is just a frightened child swinging on a swing set. Instead of killing her, Batman holds her hands until she passes naturally. 
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    Superman's Words to a Suicidal Girl

    Photo: DC
    All-Star Superman is considered by many to be one of the most touching Superman stories in the modern era. This moment sums up why. As a girl is about to jump from a tall building after failing to get in touch with her therapist, Superman intervenes. He saves the day not with heat vision, cold breath, or a massive punch, but with empathy, kindness, and a hug. Anyone who suffers from depression and has had similar suicidal thoughts can certainly relate.
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    Barry Allen Remembers Wally West

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    The DC Rebirth issue follows Wally West as a phantom trying to warn the New 52 Universe of impending danger before he is lost from reality. Throughout the issue, he fails to get his message across. Resigned to his fate, he makes one last visit to say goodbye to his uncle, Barry Allen, despite the fact that Allen likely wouldn't remember him. As Wally is about to be lost in the Speed Force, Barry remembers and embraces his nephew.

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    Gwen Stacy's Death

    Photo: Marvel
    Peter Parker's life is normally circling the toilet bowl. However, one of the cruelest moments in the webslinger's life hits when love interest Gwen Stacy has her neck snapped. Although it's unclear if she was already dead when the Green Goblin tossed her from the top of that bridge, it is generally accepted that when Spidey caught her on the way down, her neck was snapped by the pull of the webbing.
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