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11 Power Rangers Episodes That Got Too Real

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How often have we gotten our life lessons from Power Rangers? Some may call the show cheesy, filled with nothing but rubber monsters and multicolored explosions. Yeah, sometimes it’s like that. Other times, there are Power Rangers episodes about real issues. There are times when Power Rangers got emotional.

These aren’t the best Power Rangers episodes of all time. These are the episodes when Power Rangers really made you think. When Power Rangers really hit home. These are the kind of plots that wouldn’t be out of place in an episode of Orange Is the New Black or The Flash. While, oftentimes, Power Rangers delights in being a wacky, corny show, these are the episodes that demonstrated the true potential of the series. That it could handle emotionally rich storytelling while still being kid-friendly. These are the sorts of episodes that are well-remembered by fans and, if you haven’t watched the series in a long time, you might want to check these out. You'll be shocked at how much they punch you in the feels.

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    The Wasp With A Heart

    Photo: Fox Kids / Amazon

    Every week, the Power Rangers blow up a monster; that's just how it works. But what if one of those monsters isn’t a bad guy? This episode of Power Rangers in Space has Cassie defending a monster who, she learns, doesn’t want to fight. She has to defend it from both the other monsters and the Rangers. The episode asks some big questions, like, "If you're born a wasp monster, do you actually have to be a monster?" Or, in more relatable terms, "Do you have to be what everyone expects of you? Or can you forge your own path?" 

    • Original Airing: Apr 04 1998
    • Season: Power Rangers - Season 6
    • Episode Number: 10
    • Series: Power Rangers
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    Rangers In The Outfield

    Photo: Fox Kids / Amazon

    Sexism is, sadly, still a thing in the world but Power Rangers tackled it head-on back in the '90s. When Tanya displays incredible skill as a baseball player, her boyfriend, also on the team, gives her crap for it and makes her feel like she’s worthless. Tanya, however, refuses to let his impotent caterwauling affect her and responds in kind, telling him he's just mad because she's a better player than he'll ever be. The two never got back together.

    • Original Airing: Apr 29 1996
    • Season: Power Rangers - Season 4
    • Episode Number: 6
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    Doctor K

    Photo: Disney / Amazon

    Doctor K has never been a friendly character and, in this episode, we learn the shocking reason why. She was a child prodigy and was quickly taken to live in a government think tank. K spent her whole childhood there, forgetting her real name in the process. Desperate to go outside, K creates a virus to distract the guards. She gets caught but, while she’s being taken back into the facility, the virus is uploaded to the web. It is this virus that becomes the Venjix Virus, which wipes out most of the earth’s population. Doctor K, who just wanted to go outside, now has the blood of billions of innocents on her hands.

    • Original Airing: May 09 2009
    • Season: Power Rangers - Season 17
    • Episode Number: 11
    • Series: Power Rangers
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    Trial By Fire

    Photo: Fox Kids / Amazon

    Being a leader isn’t easy and Carter learns that the hard way. During one of his first missions as the Red Ranger, his captain forces him to put out a fire in a parking garage before saving a little boy. Carter is furious at this but slowly realizes through the episode that if he hadn't put out the fire, the parking garage would have exploded and everyone in the area would have died. It shows that sometimes the easy choice isn’t always the right choice. That, and Red Rangers aren’t always perfect.

    • Original Airing: Feb 26 2000
    • Season: Power Rangers - Season 8
    • Episode Number: 3
    • Series: Power Rangers
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