11 Power Rangers Episodes That Got Too Real

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How often have we gotten our life lessons from Power Rangers? Some may call the show cheesy, filled with nothing but rubber monsters and multicolored explosions. Yeah, sometimes it’s like that. Other times, there are Power Rangers episodes about real issues. There are times when Power Rangers got emotional.

These aren’t the best Power Rangers episodes of all time. These are the episodes when Power Rangers really made you think. When Power Rangers really hit home. These are the kind of plots that wouldn’t be out of place in an episode of Orange Is the New Black or The Flash. While, oftentimes, Power Rangers delights in being a wacky, corny show, these are the episodes that demonstrated the true potential of the series. That it could handle emotionally rich storytelling while still being kid-friendly. These are the sorts of episodes that are well-remembered by fans and, if you haven’t watched the series in a long time, you might want to check these out. You'll be shocked at how much they punch you in the feels.