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15 Emperor Palpatine Fan Theories That Make Him Far More Insidious Than Before

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One of the best things about the Internet is that anyone can put out a theory about anything much like these fan theories about Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious, the evilest characters in the Star Wars universe. While most of the time this results in some sort of crackpot diatribe nobody can understand other than the person who posts something on sites like Reddit, there are occasions where a theory about something in popular culture actually makes a good amount of sense.

Theories like the narrator at the beginning of Alladin being the Genie in disguise were floated around the Internet for years before Disney finally confirmed it to be true. The theories out there that haven't been confirmed are many, like these Palpatine fan theories, but that doesn't mean they don't have some element of probability in them.

Theories about Emperor Palpatine have been kicked around online since he first appeared in The Empire Strikes Back, and there are more than a few containing some element of plausibility.

Of all the fan theories about Palpatine found online, these 15 are the ones that may, in fact, contain a nugget of truth, so find the ones you consider to be the most plausible and vote them up to see which one rises to the top!

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    Palpatine Killed Padmé, Not A Broken Heart

    Source: Redditor u/cyborgcommando0

    Details: When Revenge of the Sith comes to a close, Padmé was dead, the twins were taken into hiding, and Anakin's crippled body was placed into a black plastic shell. Padmé died with a broken heart, and there was no saving her, but what if Broken Heart Syndrome wasn't what killed her?

    This theory suggests that because the medical droid didn't actually give this diagnosis, and Anakin's Force Choke clearly didn't kill her when he hit her with hit, she couldn't have died of a broken heart. Furthermore, Droids don't understand the nuances of the Force, and it was through the Force that Palpatine killed her.

    When Vader came to for the first time, Palpatine told him he had killed Padmé in his rage, and while that information suited his purposes, he couldn't have possibly known that unless he had a hand in her death. She was in a secret location, she was completely hidden from him, but he knew. The only way he could have known would have been if he played a part in her death.

      A great theory
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      How Was Palpatine Able To Kill Three Jedi Masters Within Seconds...?

      Source: Redditor u/SpaceCommunist

      Details: Since Revenge of the Sith hit theaters, fans across the world have asked one simple question, "How was Palpatine able to kill three Jedi Masters within 10 seconds?" It's a fair question; after all, the man jumped over his desk and immediately killed three of the most powerful Force users in the galaxy — without breaking a sweat.

      This theory attempts to explain how he was able to do it by recalling two important points:

      Palpatine is a master manipulator, capable of hiding his intentions and attacking in ways his enemies can't expect and defend against.

      Palpatine has trained his entire life for a confrontation with the Jedi, and because he was able to mask his connection with the Force for so long, he managed to study the Jedi Masters for years, giving him the advantage in any confrontation.

      Here's the TL;DR from the theory:

      "TL;DR - Palpatine was able to take down three Jedi Masters in less than ten seconds because, as a master of hiding his intentions, he incorporates this into his fighting style and uses this to take the Jedi by surprise, killing three almost instantly. Mace only survives because he can adapt quickly as a master duelist and began to embrace the dark side."

        A great theory
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        Palpatine Kept Vader Around Because He Was Like A Loyal Dog

        Source: Redditor u/mybustersword

        Details: When Palpatine set his sights on Anakin Skywalker, he did so believing him to be the prophesied "Chosen One" who would bring balance to the Force. He was strong, he was willful, and he was filled with potential. Unfortunately, he let his emotions get the better of him, and Anakin's actions resulted in the death of his wife and the crippling of both his soul and body.

        He was no longer the same person he was when Palpatine planned to take him under his wing, but there was a bit of a problem. Most Force users were dead, he knew Vader was still powerful and would do whatever he wanted, and he had to put someone in the Empire into a position of power to act as his proxy, so he was left with Vader and no one else.

        He saw him as a loyal dog — one who had been broken and beaten but would do whatever he wanted. The theory sees this as a good thing and a bad thing, as Palpatine fully trusted that his dog wouldn't bite the hand of the master who fed him, but ultimately, he was proven wrong when Vader threw him to his purported death at the end of Return of the Jedi.

          A great theory
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          Palpatine Used A Force Mask To Hide His True Age

          Source: Redditor u/mybustersword

          Details: When Chancellor Palpatine battled against Mace Windu, his Force Lightning attack was turned back on him. This action caused his face to rapidly age into the horrific visage fans have known and loved for years.

          What if the lightning didn't rapidly age him at all? What if the lightning just removed a Force Mask he used to hide his true appearance? It's an interesting theory, which revolves around his inherent duplicity in hiding his true self, which has to be an ancient being who has extended his life unnaturally.

          After all, he hinted at this ability in Revenge of the Sith, so it makes sense that he would go to extreme lengths to hide who he truly was. He addressed the Senate once his guise was removed, and in doing so, he removed his need to hide who he was any longer, which is why he never put the Force Mask back in place.

            A great theory