Graveyard Shift 18 Escape Room Employees Describe The Weirdest Things They've Ever Witnessed On The Job  

Mick Jacobs
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Escape rooms invite all sorts of confusion and mayhem - it's all part of the fun. According to a few weird stories from escape room employees, the games often bring out sides of humanity you never expected, for better or worse. People's most bizarre escape room experiences highlight how family and friends react when confronted with locked doors and various inanimate objects.

A far cry from escape room horror stories, the weirdest things seen by escape room employees run the gamut from utterly bizarre to surprisingly heartwarming. Couples may break up in escape rooms, but others are just as happy to announce their pregnancies among macabre surroundings. 

Depending on your opinion of this emerging trend, the weirdest things seen by escape room workers might make you avoid them altogether - or you might be tempted to book one of your own. Either way, the escapees and employees below likely will never forget their time in the escape room.

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The Thirst Is Real(ly Bad)

From Redditor /u/SartresChill:

We had a group that was evidently high. They weren't disruptive or anything, so we just briefed them, and took them to their room. So far so good.

We have cameras and microphones inside the rooms, that way we know what hints to give out. [A]nother important thing is that the room they were at had a small fountain, and since the particular aesthetic of this room was dusty, that water was filthy. I'm talking murky, brown-yellow, mud-water.

At one point one of the guys says he is thirsty, and proceeds to stick his mouth onto the fountain's stream and take a hefty gulp of the sh*t-water. We spend a second of shock/guffaw, and tell them that drinking the f*cking water isn't part of the puzzle.

The guy reads the hint and just says "that's alright." He proceeded to do the same thing four times and drank the whole fountain (small fountain, but still like a gallon of mud-water).

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It's A Rule- and Judgment-Free Zone

From Redditor /u/theleviwasbr1:

One time I had a group of kind of redneck people come in and they all smelled funny. We assumed it was some weird pot and just got them in the room.

One of the weirder gentlemen went outside in the middle of the game and came back in and released a large cloud of smoke into the room. After they failed to escape, we took their picture and the same guy screams "All right guys, let's go smoke some more m*th!"

We still don't have rules against this.

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The Communist Agenda

From Redditor /u/hussain300:

The weirdest thing I saw was a young couple, in our hardest room (they asked for our hardest), who when they couldn't solve our puzzles took off their shoes and just sat down and talked. When I would send them hints (to get them to start playing again), the lady would call me a commie. It was weird.

For example: the lady would pick up a red clue paper that goes with a pyramid puzzle. They would stare at it, then put it to the side. I type in a hint "the red papers go with the pyramid!" She looks up [at] the screen, "[W]e were getting to that, commie!"

[I'm] not a communist, and the room isn't communist themed in the slightest

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Ultimate Family Secret

From Redditor /u/nadroj37:

If a group doesn't show up 10 minutes before their start time, we call to ask if they're making their way or not.

Well this guy put his home phone number and when we called, his wife answered, but she had no idea what we were talking about. We asked for her name and she wasn't on any booking information, so we assumed it was a wrong number.

Well the husband shows up with A DIFFERENT FAMILY. She seemed to be his girlfriend by the way they flirted in the room, and she also had kids.

Then, when they escaped, he refused to have his picture taken. We called that event "the night of Affair Guy."

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