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Employees Who Killed Their Bosses

While plenty of people have idly fantasized about killing their boss, a select few people have actually done it. Whether it's a work-related dispute, a robbery, or revenge for being laid off, employees giving the ultimate bad performance review happens more often than you might think. Most of these cases involve long-held grudges, but a few appear to have been spur of the moment.

In a few cases, the murder happens because the employee has been discovered stealing from the employer, like in the case of the murder of pop-star Selena by her fan club president. And in a few cases, we'll never know, because the killer was themselves shot dead, or committed suicide. 

Here are some cases of employers who killed their bosses, and what became of them.

  • Randolph Sanders Executed His Boss After She Found He'd Stolen From Their Nonprofit

    Kim Jones, program director at Philadelphia nonprofit Turning Points for Children, was shot in the head execution-style in public by a man who took a gun out of a bag and fled afterward. Several weeks later, Philly police zeroed in on Randolph Sanders, Jones's assistant director, and someone she'd worked with for years.

    Jones had determined that Sanders had stolen at least $40,000 from the nonprofit, and was about to go to Philadelphia's Department of Human Services with her findings, which likely would have ended with Sanders being arrested. After Sanders was caught, he confessed to the murder.

  • Ernesto Hernandez Avalos Beat His Boss To Death With A Shovel

    In January 2007, Avalos was a 28-year-old California day laborer. While doing some landscaping work, his boss, Woo Sung Park, told him he was working too slowly. Avalos responded to the criticism by hitting Park in the back of head with his shovel, then beating him to death with it.
    Police arrived, and attempted to take Avalos into custody, at which point Avalos grabbed a pick axe to finish Park off. He was sentenced to 26 years to life in prison anyway.

  • Natavia S. Lowery Killed The Celebrity Real Estate Agent She Worked For

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    A celebrity real estate broker and former manager of the Ramones, Linda Stein was found dead in a pool of blood on the floor of her Manhattan apartment. While a murder weapon was never recovered, Natavia Lowery, then her personal assistant, confessed to beating Stein to death with a yoga exercise bar during an argument where Stein accused Lowery of stealing from her. 

    Lowery claimed that Stein was dealing with massive mood swings and blew marijuana smoke into her face before Lowery's attack. Lowery did herself no favors by looting Stein's bank account after the murder - and was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison.

  • Video: YouTube

    Saldivar was president of singer Selena's fan club, a position she obtained by essentially harassing the singer's manager until he gave in. She was also embezzling from the singer, and when Selena's management found out, they fired her. When Selena set up a meeting with her in a motel room in March 1995, to discuss the situation, Saldivar first claimed she'd been raped and asked Selena to take her to a hospital. When the hospital punted her for not having been raped, Selena demanded financial papers from Saldivar, who shot her.

    At her trial, Saldivar claimed the gun accidentally went off, which prosecutors refuted with evidence that the gun was so heavy it couldn't fire on it's own. Also, Saldivar didn't call 911, instead chasing a bloody Selena into the hotel lobby.  She was sentenced to life in prison.