Employees Who Killed Their Bosses

While plenty of people have idly fantasized about killing their boss, a select few people have actually done it. Whether it's a work-related dispute, a robbery, or revenge for being laid off, employees giving the ultimate bad performance review happens more often than you might think. Most of these cases involve long-held grudges, but a few appear to have been spur of the moment.

In a few cases, the murder happens because the employee has been discovered stealing from the employer, like in the case of the murder of pop-star Selena by her fan club president. And in a few cases, we'll never know, because the killer was themselves shot dead, or committed suicide. 

Here are some cases of employers who killed their bosses, and what became of them.


  • Domenic Micheli Murdered His Ex-Boss With A Hatchet And Fled


    On June 4, 2018, Domenic Micheli fatally stabbed his former manager at a gym near Belle Meade, TN. The victim, 46-year-old Joel Paavola, was leading a workout routine at the Balance Training Center around 7 am when Micheli used a hatchet and another bladed-weapon to kill his ex-boss. Micheli struck Paavola multiple times and then fled. Paavola was taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center and declared dead. 

    According to detectives, Micheli was fired 14 months prior to the attack. Paavola's friends told local news sources that Micheli was often paranoid and would post long rants on social media. 

    Micheli was previously arrested on April 27, 2018, by the Secret Service after driving his car to a White House checkpoint and refusing requests to move. 

  • Jeffrey Johnson Shot His Boss And Caused A Bloodbath At The Empire State Building

    Jeffrey Johnson Shot His Boss And Caused A Bloodbath At The Empire State Building
    Video: YouTube

    After six years working at Midtown, Manhattan, clothing design firm Hazan Imports, Johnson was laid off. He returned to the design firm with a .45 caliber pistol and shot his former boss. After shooting the man to the ground, he started walking toward the Empire State Building. Once he got there, NYPD officers confronted him, and a shootout erupted. Nine people were hurt, while Johnson was shot dead.

  • Sarah McLinn Nearly Beheaded The Boss Who Was Taking Care Of Her

    Sarah McLinn Nearly Beheaded The Boss Who Was Taking Care Of Her
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    Harold Sasko was the 52-year-old owner of a Cici’s pizza restaurant franchise in Kansas when he hired 19-year-old Sarah McLinn. Knowing she'd recently been in some dangerous situations, he welcomed her to come live with him. She returned the favor by mixing sleeping pills in his beer, binding his hands and feet with zip-ties, and sawing his head nearly off.

    McLinn's defense attorneys argued that dissociative identity disorder was to blame, and that McLinn had as many as four different personalities - one of whom, named Alyssa, was the actual killer. Prosecutors claimed McLinn had researched vulnerable spots on the neck, and planned to flee after the killing. She was found guilty of the crime.

  • Carter Cervantez And Clarence 'David' Mallory Strangled Their Ex-Manager

    Carter Cervantez And Clarence 'David' Mallory Strangled Their Ex-Manager
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    Cervantez and Mallory were accused of stealing $18,000 from the Fort Worth American Eagle store they worked at during the summer of 2014, and subsequently disappeared. They came back Thanksgiving weekend to brutally murder their former boss, Ashlea Harris. The store manager was found in her apartment bound with duct tape, beaten, burned, and strangled.

    The duo took her keys, which led police to track them back to the American Eagle store, which they were attempting to rob.