Fans Share Amazing Costume Details From Disney's 'Encanto' That You Might Have Missed

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The magic of Disney's Encanto isn't just about the story, the songs, or the characters, but all the intricate details animators and filmmakers used to make the world come to life. This is all the more apparent when it comes to the costumes, dresses, and clothing worn by the characters. From small, hidden designs to cool. cultural details of the garments, the clothing of Encanto is almost as intricate as the characters themselves. Here are a few small details about the clothes in Encanto. Please vote up the most fascinating facts about the animated fabrics. 

Photo: Encanto / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

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    Dolores' Blouse And Skirt Is Decorated With Sound Waves


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    Camilo's Outfit Has Hidden Chameleons

    Camilo's name is a pun on "chameleon," which is a reference to his shape-shifting powers. If you look closely at his ruana and shirt, they are decorated with a chameleon pattern. 


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    Pepa's Clothes Keep Her In A Sunny Mood

    Pepa is covered in sun symbols on her earrings, dress, and headband. This not only reflects her gift, but the color yellow she and her family wears is probably meant to keep her in a sunny disposition.

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    Pepa's Wedding Dress

    Pepa's Wedding Dress
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    Mirabel's Skirt Is Covered In Meaningful Symbols

    Mirabel's skirt is covered in symbols to represent her family...and herself. Among the many flowers (Isabela), animals (Antonio), barbells (Louisa), and clouds, rainbows, and suns (Pepa), there is also a self portrait and a candle among butterflies to represent the miracle of the Madrigal family.  

    It should also be noted that every member of the family Madrigal with gifts have nods to their powers on their clothing, except for Mirabel since she doesn't have a gift. Instead, she creates her own embroidery that celebrates her family, which turns out to be her gift. 


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    Julieta's Skirt Shows Off Her Gift

    Julieta's skirt shows off her gift, which is the ability to heal using the food she makes. The dress features a mortar and pestle, which she uses in cooking, as well as hands creating objects of love, which is exactly what she says she does: 

    Mirabel: You just healed my hand with an arepa con queso.

    Julieta: I healed your hand with my love for my daughter...

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