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Fans Are Pointing Out Plot Holes In 'Encanto' That Had Them Questioning The Family Madrigal

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Disney's Encanto has been enchanting fans with its bright colors, realistic themes, and almost painfully accurate representation of family dynamics. However, fans have noticed that Encanto has some glaring plot holes that just can't be ignored.

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    Mirabel Wouldn't Have Been Able To Escape From Bruno's Room

    From Redditor u/Colorful_Panda:

    When Mirabel sneaks into Bruno's room and goes up all those stairs, she swings from a rope to get to the last ledge. Then the ledge breaks. Then when she releases the sand from Bruno's chamber the sand breaks more of the ledge. [It's clear that she couldn't get back down] but then it just cuts to her outside of Bruno's room again. Didn't it just show that getting down would be impossible?

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    Dolores Can't Keep A Secret, But Kept Bruno's Secret?

    From Redditor u/M0meRath:

    So Mirabel's cousin can't keep a secret for 5 minutes at dinner, but has been hearing Bruno in the walls for how many years, and never bothered to mention it...?

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    Abuela's Door Should Say 'Alma' Not 'Abuela'

    From Redditor u/cj_cassettetape:

    While watching the movie, I noticed something about Abuela's door. it says "Abuela" instead of her name. But when the miracle was given, she wasn't a grandmother yet so technically it should say "Alma" (her name). 

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    It Makes No Sense That Mirabel Doesn't Get A Door, Abuela Doesn't Have A Gift Either But SHE Still Gets A Door

    From Redditor u/carrotsforever:

    How the magic works and how it affected Mirabel raises some questions. It's been somewhat confirmed that her "gift" [similarly to Abuela] is that she holds the idea of the magic itself in her. So, why didn't she get a door? 

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    Dolores Has Super Hearing And Says She Knew Bruno Was There, But Didn't Tell Anyone About It?

    From Redditor u/taemotionals:

    Her main role in the family is being the informant; that's how she received her value and validation from Abuela. If she did know about Bruno's whereabouts, she would've definitely already told Abuela about it. 


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    It Isn't Believable That People Would Think So Poorly Of Bruno

    From Redditor u/Qysteria-1998:

    While I love Bruno, the problem is that they made him too much of a cinnamon roll. With the way they made him, it makes no sense how people could think he was a bad guy in the first place. I mean, sure the villagers didn't know him as well as the family and they could've started to get scared of his premonitions since his power is more of a burden than a gift and doesn't always bring good news (nor is it clear), but even then!

    Are you telling me that everyone really [thought he was evil]? That he was capable of it? This Bruno? The Bruno that painted his plate on the table so he could still feel part of the family?

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