20 Fans Share Relatable Posts About 'Encanto' We Never Thought About Before

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When you go and watch a Disney movie, you're most likely about to enter a rollercoaster of emotions ranging from heartbreak to heartwarming. However, something universal about all Disney movies is their ability to relate to a wide range of audiences. Here are some of the most relatable posts shared by fans about Disney's Encanto, we never thought about before.

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    “Good For Her”

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    ‘Encanto’ Was Weirdly Relatable On Many Levels

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    When You’re So Anxious You Write A Song About It

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    Anyone Can Find Something To Relate With In ‘Encanto’

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    ‘Encanto’ Does A Great Job Representing A Wide Range Of Skin Tones

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    ‘Encanto’ Had Very Relatable Middle-Aged Adults

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