Disney Fans Offer Fiery Hot Takes As They Debate Which Character Is The TRUE Villain Of 'Encanto'

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Though Disney's Encanto is often hailed as a movie with no true protagonists, many die-hard Disney fans would disagree with that statement. From believing that Abuela Alma Madrigal is a bit of a bully to making the argument that the real villain of Encanto is the enchanted casita, people are taking a stand on who they believe are the "true villains" of Encanto. Here are a few posts that point out Encanto's "villains" and vote up the spiciest arguments. 

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    Abuela Alma Is The Villain Because She Plays Favorites


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    The Family's Expectations Were Entirely Too Much


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    'I Count Three'

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    One Thing Is Clear: It Ain't Bruno

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    That Guy Who Was Rushing Luisa


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    Generational Trauma Is The Villain


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