15 Fan Theories About The Women In 'Encanto' That Actually Make A Lot Of Sense

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Step aside Bruno - it's time for the ladies of Encanto!

Encanto has been taking over the internet and with that domination, comes some speculation. What's the real reason Mirabel didn't get a gift? What's the deal with Dolores? These questions, and more, have been encorporated into fan theories and let's just say, these women raise a lot of questions!

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    Pepa's Gift Is A Visual Representation Of How Mental Disorders Can Feel

    From Redditor u/detectivejen:

    I see her as being incredibly anxious, and she had to live with everyone trying to make her calm all the time (clear skies, clear skies!) instead of expressing herself and processing what she was feeling. I think that's why Bruno apologized and told her to let it go [and be herself]!

    From Redditor u/crimson777:

    She was also constantly told to just feel better (essentially). "Like, oh it's raining, make it stop." But nobody cares why it's actually raining. 

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    Mirabel DID Get A Gift

    From Redditor u/lelaineallen:

    I personally thought that Mirabel DID get a gift. Her gift was the house. She communicates and interacts with it far more than we see the other characters doing. It cracks when her heart breaks. The doors flicker when she is worried, far more than when we see the gifts failing. That's why her door "disappeared." It went back to being part of the house. And her doorknob [and touch] is what brought the house back to life. And yes, that sets her up to be the next head of the house. 

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    Pepa Could've Been More Powerful And Controlled, But Abuela Held Her Back

    From Redditor u/Not_OrdinareeGae:

    There are some gifts that make you questions how it contributes to the community, especially with the gifts given to Pepa's family. I like to believe that Pepa's gift should've grown and she should've been able to control the weather without the interference of her emotions. However, because of the pressure and expectations of Abuela, she did not have the time to make her gift stronger. Had she had a moment just like Isabela, I think that her power would grow. 

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    Dolores Tried To Tell Mirabel About Bruno's Presence In The House

    From Redditor u/Accomplished-Fig1072:

    I think when she is singing her verse in the song "We Don't Talk About Bruno," she's dropping subtle hints to Mirabel. Firstly, the lyrics, "I can always hear him sort of stutteriing and stumbling," and then further on, "always left Abuela and the family fumbling."

    The 1st line is in the present tense, as if to say that she hears him there currently, not just in the past. The 2nd line is past tense, because even though Bruno is still around, he's no longer leaving the family fumbling because they don't even know he's there. 

    She also says the line, "It's a heavy lift with a gift so humbling," displaying sympathy for him and his power - contrary to everyone else's opinion. 

    I think she was pointing Mirabel in the direction of Bruno in a way in which she wouldn't have to go against her ingrained instincts of not telling people's secrets. 

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    Abuela Ruined Pepa's Wedding, Not Bruno

    From Redditor u/N7Inquisitor:

    While, yes, Bruno's attempted joke was taken the wrong way by Pepa, it was Pepa's mother who threw her off - Abuela was the one who took Bruno's words as an inevitable event, going so far as to bring an ambrella even before the hurricane happened. 

    With her own mother believing that Pepa would cause a rain shower on her own big day, Pepa accidentally made her worry of Bruno's words become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    However, by this point, Bruno's predictions have already gained him a reputation as a doomsayer, so in the aftermath of the event, everyone blamed Bruno, even Pepa.

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    Julieta Knew That Bruno Still Lived In Their Casita

    From Redditor u/DaddyVersionOne:

    Julieta knew that Bruno was still in the house. There's no way you cook family meals for ten years without noticing a serving disappear at least once a day. That's why Pepa was the first to hug him at the end. Julieta was simply happy that he was ready to reconnect with the rest of the family. 

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