A Woman Recounted Her Meeting With A Serial Killer And The Details Are Bone Chilling

Not many people have the misfortune of encountering a serial killer but if they do, very few live to relay the tale. One young individual met a serial killer, talked to him, and even benefited from the encounter. Her story is one for the books.

Jamilah King was a sixth grader in 1997 when she met her first serial killer. And at only 11 years old, King recognized that the man just seemed off. The savvy preteen was playing basketball at a local playground when she ran into Andrew Cunanan - Gianni Versace's infamous killer. The repeat felon watched King make a few shots, and even complimented her skills, but he never attempted to harm her. When King finally realized that the man who liked her layups was more than just a little creepy (because he was, in fact, a very creepy criminal) she took to Twitter to share her recount of events. The social media realm didn't know how to respond.

  • Meeting A Serial Killer Is Always A Nutty Experience


  • And The '90s Were An Especially Nutty Time


  • Who Doesn't Like Playing Basketball After School?


  • There's A Probably A Reason The Courts Were Empty, TBH


  • ALWAYS Be Wary Of Strange Men


  • Because A Long, Green Coat Is Totally What You Where To The B-Ball Courts