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Energy Saving Hacks For A Lower Electric Bill

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It's that time of the month again: Your energy bill is due. You always make sure to turn off the lights and shut down the AC when you leave the house - so why is the cost still so high? Sounds like you might need to brush up on some energy saving tips to protect your bank account from taking such a hit every month.

Decreasing your energy usage might be simpler than you think. Most of the time, there are specific reasons why a home requires excess electricity, especially during the hot summer months when you feel like you need to keep the AC cranked up.

While some of these energy saving hacks might require a handyman or licensed professional, you can do most of them on your own. Swapping light bulbs, setting temperatures, and keeping air vents open can help decrease your energy consumption and thereby lower your bill. You might even find that some tricks you thought were helping are actually working against you. A little education can go a long way.

Seal the windows, turn down the thermostat, move your fridge away from the oven, and give these other tips a try. Vote up the best way to keep your home in tip-top energy shape.

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