The Best English Boy Bands

The UK has birthed some of the most popular boy bands, from The Beatles and One Direction to Take That. And not just famous British boy bands, but some of these trailblazing groups are listed among the most loved boy bands of all time.

Whether you’re looking for recent boy bands from the UK or an 80s favorite, you’ll find them below on this list of the best English boy bands to ever walk the Earth. These beloved UK all-male music groups feature heartthrobs like Harry Styles, James McVey, and Robbie Williams.

This list isn’t just reserved for hot British boy bands, either. Below you’ll find famed solo performers who originated in England, as well. This ranking of British boy bands features artists who have performed all over the world. If you've been wondering, "Which boy bands started in England?" then this list will answer your question.

So, who are your favorite boy bands from England? Vote up your favorite, talented, British heartthrobs below.