22 Infuriating Workplace Secrets That Most People Had No Clue Existed

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Work-related secrets have existed for many reasons. Some are made just to help employees get by, but others might make those who aren't in that industry kind of mad. We found the most infuriating workplace secrets that might make you rethink how you see certain industries.

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    The Sad Reality Of Nursing Homes

    From Redditor u/Cmdr-Panda:

    Your parents and grandparents are miserable.

    The nursing home is so dystopian that it would break your suspension of disbelief if you read about it in a science fiction novel.

    Meeting the basic daily needs of our elders requires a combination of herculean effort, obscene luck, and really tragic compromises.

    Sometimes there's only four people in the entire building taking care of over a hundred residents for over an 8 hour period. The shareholders love it when that happens.


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    (Prescription) Mistakes Happen... A Lot

    From Redditor u/Life_Marsupial5017:

    Pharmacist (hospital-based UK). I never tell people how I catch several potentially fatal prescribing mistakes every single day at work. I don’t want people to stop trusting their doctors, and they would if they saw how bad it is. (Not all doctors are bad prescribers, but most are overworked and tired, mistakes are easily made in a busy hospital)


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    Not All The Bed Sheets Get Changed

    From Redditor u/phononmezer:

    Fellow ex-housekeeper.

    Not changing the top comforter is *standard*, do not sit on it. Do not lay on it. It's gross.


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    The Things That Lurk In The Ice Machines

    From Redditor u/emmy1426:

    When you go out to eat, so many people have touched that lemon that you wanted in your water. And terrible things grow in ice machines and soda guns. Lots of places don't clean them often enough.


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    Over-Worked Nurses Are So Tired

    From Redditor u/ThorsHammock:

    Nurse here: We are SO tired. We are SO overworked. We have WAY too many patients. I’m very lucky that I haven’t made any dangerous mistakes yet and I truly believe that it’s only due to me working at a 9-5 clinic so no shifts longer than 10 hours (10 because too many patients, I never actually get out on time) and no overnights. The thought of being in an ER scares the sh*t out of me. This has been a problem since way before Covid. I know that recently this has become common knowledge but I’m not sure if many people realize it extends far beyond ERs and into most every clinic you will ever go to.


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    Real Number Of Hours Teachers Spend Working

    From Redditor u/call-me-yvian:

    My mother has been teaching for the last 15+ years and is still doing so.

    The first thing she told me when I was old enough to try figuring out what i wanted to do was, "(name), whatever you do don't ever become a teacher". She says the only time she'd ever be okay w me being a teacher would be if that was my last resort.

    It really hurts me seeing her come home everyday, tired from school, her feet killing her and then see her proceed to do even more school work and still only be paid so f*cking little.

    Just recently there were 4-5 consecutive days off in my country because of festivals and stuff and yknow what? My mom went to school every. single. day to mark them godd*med papers. She'd leave home at 7 and come back at 5. I never get to spend a single full day with my mom ever, it's always one thing or the other.

    I really hope people would start giving teachers the credit they deserve.

    Ps- I'm sorry if there's any mistakes or if something sounds weird, English isn't my first language.


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