15 People Share Stories Of Entitled Guests At Disney Parks So You Don't Make The Same Mistakes

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Disney lovers and workers: vote up the worst guest stories you don't want to see repeated.

There are entitled people everywhere. Even at the most magical place on earth. These people are sharing their stories of entitled Disney guests so you can avoid the same faux pas. Read on and learn what not to do at Disney parks.

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    A Woman Recorded An Entire Show With Her iPad

    From Redditor u/ausgoals:

    I found a perfect spot one time for the world of color show and as it was starting I was counting my lucky stars that I didn’t end up with a 7’ giant standing in front of me like normal.

    Just as I’m thinking that the woman in front of me stretches her arms high above her head and holds her iPad up, filming the show, blocking the view.

    I thought ‘surely her arms will get tired’ but nope - she kept it there the entire show. At least I could watch the screen, which is something you can’t do with a tall person, I guess.

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     A Woman Berated A Cast Member Until They Were Forced To Go On Break

    From Redditor u/mildly_interesting:

    Cast Member here.

    A little over a year ago I was working a Fantasmic shift, directing people in the walkways near Cafe Orleans. During Fantasmic, the restaurant closed and the gates on either side are locked so that guests can't enter.

    A middle-aged couple hopped the fence to take a seat and I went over and asked them to come out since the dining area was closed. They complained that they wanted to see the show seated and they didn't have fast passes and I apologized and told them that there was no seating, but if they'd still like to see the show there was a stand-by line.

    Lady would not have it. Told me it wasn't my job to tell her where she could and could not be. I didn't think I could handle the situation anymore so I called a lead over.

    The lead got them out of the area by getting the manager of the restaurant, but this lady would not let it go. Stood by me and kept repeating loudly that I was a b*tch and ruining her trip. Now, I'm a pretty happy-go-lucky person. I don't like to show people that their negative comments get to me. So I'm still dancing and smiling and the lady is just NOT having it. Gets my lead and tells her I'm being too loud when I say "Please stick to your right". The lead comes over and asks if I'm okay moving to another area because Lady is just gonna harass her and me for the rest of our shift. So I get moved to the Golden Horseshoe and the couple followed us, talking about how my lead is taking me to City Hall to get fired.

    Lead drops me off at the Golden Horseshoe and I'm still dancing and smiling and Lady is just about to fly off the handle, telling me my dancing is unsafe and I'm putting everyone in danger.

    Thankfully another CM was witnessing it and gets the poor lead AGAIN and she sends me on break an hour early and tells me to stay backstage until the show is over.

    It was a pretty traumatic experience. One of the last times I worked a Fantasmic shift because I just kept remembering her terrible comments.

    Unfortunately, I have a lot of rude guest stories besides this one. After a while, you realize how ridiculous and entitled some people can be and you just bring those stories with you to the break room and gossip with other CMs.

    I I've seen CMs at restaurants get yelled at and I always stick around and go talk to them. It really can bring down the stress of the situation and bring back a little magic to our jobs.

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    A Woman Stood In The Way Of A 3-Year-Old

    From Redditor u/sweetteayankee:

    The first time we ever went to Disney, we got on the ferry to Magic Kingdom and I got a spot by one of the windows so that our daughter (3 at the time) could see the castle as we approached. Another woman and her kids came up and she said “excuse me”, as though she needed to get by us. I shifted to the side, and she stood directly in front of the window blocking our view so that her kids could see instead.

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    A Party Cut In Front Of Them And Ruined The View

    From Redditor u/succulentdaddy11:

    My husband and I got shoved so many times during fireworks, ran over by strollers, and cut in line. We got to Main Street an hour before the fireworks only for a huge party to shove their way in front of us and block our entire view (we are both under 5’5).

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    A Woman Left Her Baby Unattended So She Could Shop Freely

    From Redditor u/Disney_World_Native:

    A mother left her under 3 month old kid in the hot summer sun, unattended outside the launch bay store.

    CM made an announcement, asking who’s kid it was. When no one spoke up, the CM said they were going to call security and the police if the parents or guardians didn’t step forward immediately.

    I may or may not have started a boo that the entire store joined in with once the mom walked out to move her stroller. She tried to argue how they didn’t let the stroller in the store, so she “had” to leave the kid outside.

    Still breaks my heart thinking about that poor kid.

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    They Shoved A Little Girl To Get Past Her

    From Redditor u/Destronoma:

    A friend of mine once had to break away from us to go berate a guest that had shoved past my little sister who we were taking with us one night during the fireworks show.

    I'd have done it myself (wasn't working at the park at the time), but my fiance and I had to pull her aside so other guests didn't get the same idea.

    Love the parks, love working here, kinda dread fireworks/parades from a walking standpoint. People get trampled and pushed all the time.