Dog Groomers Share Stories Of Entitled Customers So You Don't Become One

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Dog groomers: vote up the worst entitled customers you'd refuse service to.

Every pet owner wants to spoil their pets, even when they do something dumb. But these dog groomer stories are proof that even though our hearts are in the right place, we can end up being a little over the top when it comes to our fur babies. Check out these stories of entitled pet owners so you don't end up acting the same way.

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    They Almost Got The Groomer Fired By Lying About A Dog's Injuries

    From Redditor u/St*pidSexxxyFlanders:

    About 10 years ago when I worked for a corporate chain I was working the closing shift with a bather, who was in the back cleaning the cages before we went home. A woman walked in with an Italian greyhound and asked to get his nailed clipped, and she told me before handing him over that one of his feet was sore and to be extra careful. I told her no problem. I did the nails extra carefully, the dog behaved perfectly, and everything went great.

    Anyway, a few days later my assistant store manager comes to me and says a woman just called saying that I had been rough with her dog during a nail clipping. She claimed the dog screamed out in pain and she had to take him to the vet the next day, who informed her that its toe was broken. I told my manager what had actually happened, and she said she thought the woman was full of sh*t, but corporate ended up paying for the dog's vet bills anyway.

    It still makes me mad to this day to think that this woman planned on bringing her hurt dog into the salon, and making up a story all so she could get out of paying for its medical care. She had to have known that at the very least that the person she blamed would get in trouble, and possibly could be fired, but apparently, that didn't matter to her.

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    They Complained Weeks After The Grooming Just To Get A Freebie

    From Redditor u/venomousb*tch:

    I'm corporate, so I'm in a salon with a store too.

    Well, one day this guy comes in with his dog, being all kinds of [mean] to it (like punching it in the face in front of the groomer) and wants its nails done. Now, the groomer who was here at the time took a large haircut dog off the table to do this nail trim, so there was quite a bit of hair on the floor. The dog's dad sees this and flips sh*t asking him if he's gonna clean it up (obviously?). Then his dog is horrible for the nails, and he's watching the whole time. He ends up complaining and getting the nail trim for free and walks out of the store saying "poor baby" to his dog.

    Then, five months later he complains to corporate that he got his dog groomed with us in February (four months prior), hated it, and wants a free groom. I go back through the records and the guy had never had a dog groomed with us aside from the single nail trim that was comped.

    Well, that triggers a whole investigation into his account and turns out he hasn't spent a penny at the store for nearly a year. Every time he came in he complained about something to corporate, and every time they'd credit reward dollars to his account. He had over $600 in rewards (basically free money) and had been ripping the whole store off.

    He's now banned, it and didn't take it well. His account is also flagged so he can't use any rewards at any store, and if he tries to, he basically can get banned from that store too. Our store manager nearly had to call the cops on him.

    In other news, we also have quite a few people who complain about every groom.

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    They Asked For A Poodle Cut But Said The Groomer 'Ruined' Their Dog

    From Redditor u/buttons66:

    A customer came in with a Lhasa. Definitely, a pet store acquired a dog. Wanted poodle face and feet. I had just groomed my poodle that morning. Brought him out and asked, "Like this?" She said yes. The manager who was going to groom the dog was standing off to the side listening. Gave me a look and eye roll. Okay. She gives a few more instructions and leaves. My shift was over. The next day I find out this woman flips out because the dog was groomed the way she asked. She said the dog was going to a dog show the next day, and we had ruined her. We knew there were none nearby. We also knew her dog was NOT dog show material. A judge wouldn't look twice at this dog. The owner was there and gave her the groom for free. But he came up with paperwork we had to fill out and the customer had to sign after that.

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    They Showed Up An Hour Late And Still Wanted To Be Seen Right Away

    From Redditor u/PelicanGod:

    My absolute favorite was a woman who came over an hour late to her grooming appointment and insisted [on being] seen anyway, and then flipped when she was told we no longer had time to service her dog. She said she has NEVER been turned away anywhere for being late before; people always “make it work” for her. My manager held firm and refused to take the dog and explained our late arrival policy. The lady claimed she’d never heard that from us before we can ALWAYS squeeze her little dog in, and where is this information available. The manager said it was on the website, which REALLY made the Karen mad. She went tomato red; I could see the steam coming from her ears… Started screaming at my manager that it was “age discrimination” to list vital information online like that because she is elderly and doesn’t own a computer? She demanded we let her use our phone to call corporate, and really did it right there at our front desk. Everyone had to put away the dogs they were working on [because] she was SCREAMING into the phone for easily 10 minutes and upsetting them, saying all sorts of things about how nasty and disrespectful everyone in the salon had been.

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    They Agreed To A Cut And Price And Then Fought About Four Hours Later

    From a former Redditor:

    Karen brings in her matted dog, was told by three different groomers and the store leader the dog would be shaved, and told all prices upfront. Karen declines all add-ons after wasting the groomer's time asking for a detailed description of every single add-on and each individual price. Two hours in Karen calls back saying she wanted the $23 xyz add-ons. The groomer had to rebate the pre-shaved dog (who hates the drier) just to give the client what they asked for. Four hours after drop-off Karen calls to see if the dog is done and is told 10 more minutes to come on down by the groomer. Four hours after that she shows up with a vengeance. The first thing she said was, “No one called to let me know if my dog is done and he has been here for eight hours.” The second she saw her dog she lost it, claiming not one single person told her the dog would be shaved and she had asked for just a bath. She continues to say the price we were charging her was not what she was quoted (some number $35 lower than the actual base price of the haircut she agreed to) and that she never wanted the add-ons as she said at drop-off. She refused to pay more than $30 for an over-$130 service.

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    The Groomer Refused To Groom A Dog And The Owner Caused A Scene

    From Redditor u/rhiannawentbananas:

    A guy comes in with a golden retriever with mats dangling from her ears like golf balls. Legitimate golf ball mats. The groomer tells him that she does not feel comfortable shaving them out because it could lead to hematomas, which she does not want to risk herself. She refers him to the vet to have the ears shaved and then she tells him once the risk of hematomas is gone, she will groom the dog.

    This dude goes nuts. He asks her if she is a vet. She says no. He asks how she knows it will lead to a hematoma. She said she is trained to recognize such risks as it is a part of our profession. This goes back and forth and he keeps telling her she isn't a vet and he wants the dog done. My manager asks him to leave because he starts becoming aggressive and she told him he was making us uncomfortable. He then began to ask how he was making everyone uncomfortable and even began asking other clients in the lobby if they were uncomfortable. He had to be told to leave by two managers. He kept demanding to know the groomer's name. Eventually, he left.

    Funny thing is, I had an experience with him at my previous job at a cafe in a bookstore. He would always try to use expired coupons or he would make me remake his blended drinks if he saw even a streak of extra chocolate syrup on the side of the cup. He was ridiculous.

    Otherwise, we've had people cuss us out for making them wait outside the lobby because the lobby was too full. We've had people lie about being "misquoted" pricing over the phone so they can get discounts. Recently, we've had people try to lie about their dog's heart murmurs because they still want to get their dog groomed, but do not pay the express fee or the vet grooming price. They care more about a haircut than they do about the safety of their dogs. Smdh

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