15 Hawaiians Share Stories Of Entitled Tourists So You Don't Make The Same Mistakes
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15 Hawaiians Share Stories Of Entitled Tourists So You Don't Make The Same Mistakes

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Hawaii is one of those destinations that attracts all sorts of tourists. Maybe even the very worst ones. These locals are sharing their Hawaiian tourist stories so you don't make the same mistakes and end up on the list of bad Hawaiin tourists.

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    Swore And Threatened A Local Over A Restaurant

    From Redditor u/khegiobridge:

    So I'm riding my bicycle on Maui and stopped at the south entrance to Kapalua Beach to check out the waves and stuff. A car pulls up in the parking lot and two old guys get out and walk up to me. In an accent straight outta New Jersey, the driver asks me, "Hey you, where's da restaurant?"

    "Ah, the nearest restaurant's half a mile up the road on the left, at Kapalua Bay Hotel."

    "No it isn't. Listen, buddy, we been down there and there ain't no restaurant. I'm tired of you local guys and your dumb jokes. Tell me where the f*ckin' restaurant is!"

    Two women get out of the car and all four old people surround me on my bike. One old lady yells, "Make him tell us where the restaurant is, Harold!!"

    Another old guy: "Yeah, Harold, make him tell us!"

    It occurred to me I was about to get beat up by four tourists at least 70 years old, so I grabbed my bike and backed up because I had no desire to hit anyone's grampa or grandma. As I rode away I could hear Harold and the rest of the Jersey group yelling, "You little sh*t, come back here!" Pedaled faster. Still wonder if they ever found a restaurant.

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    Drove Extra Slow Because They're 'Here To Relax'

    From Redditor u/macahi:

    A few years ago trying to get home, I'm third or fourth back in a long line of cars behind a tourist driving 25-ish on Kam [Kamehameha Highway] (35 mph speed limit, which most of us drive around 45-50). They're in a convertible. The passenger's got a camera held arms-length over her head snapping away. Every once in a while, the driver hits the breaks to slow down even further so he can get a better look.

    There's almost nowhere on this section of Kam where you can pass, and when we did come to a passing area there was oncoming traffic, so no choice but to follow. Of course, you don't hear a single horn honk.

    They continue up to Kaaawa where they pull into Uncle Bobo's. I pull in too since I need to get my mail at the [post office]. I get out, nod to them and say, "So, where are you visiting from?" It was somewhere in Southern Cal. I politely explained that there was a line of like 20 cars behind them and they were driving really slowly. I said they should pull over when they want to take pics, pay attention to traffic behind them, and pull over if there are more than a couple, since we don't really tailgate and aren't going to honk at them.

    I got back, "But we're here to relax brah! We don't want to be in a hurry! You should live on island time brah!"

    That's when I went to check my PO box.

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    Shamed A Local For Minding Their Own Business

    From Redditor u/pockylips:

    I was changing out of my swim trunks in the Turtle Bay parking lot and my underwear was showing, and this old withered Midwesterner comes up and starts giving me sh*t about how I'm being publicly indecent/offensive/etc. I was wondering if it was a joke, but he kept going, and then this tita swoops in from out of nowhere and tells him off. He stormed off mumbling things and I shrugged my shoulders at the tita and was like, "Who does that?" and we laughed.

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    Yelled At A Local For Helping Them 

    From Redditor u/danibug:

    A while back I was in Manoa Valley when I saw a family of haole tourists looking lost. They were at the bus stop on the side of the road that would take them deeper into the valley. I asked them if they needed help and they told me they were trying to get back to Waikiki. I informed them that they needed to get on the other side of the road, then ask which buses to take. The mother got aggravated and started to complain to me that “it shouldn’t be so complicated” and “there should be signs that point to Waikiki everywhere.” Then she and her family crossed the street and never thanked me. I really was impressed by how entitled this family was. She treated me like I was Hawaii customer service, and I didn't even have a job at the time.

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    Walked Down The Middle Of The Road

    From Redditor u/fusepark:

    We have a bit of trouble in my town with people who aren't aware that we're a real place, not a theme park. They will walk down the middle of the road.

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    Didn't Offer Gas Money Or Anything As Thanks For Free Lodging

    From Redditor u/one_crack_nacnac:

    Had a acquaintance drop by for a TDY. He hit me up right as I was finishing work and asked for a ride from the passenger terminal on base to his hotel in Waikiki. Figured I could do my good deed for the day and oblige since I had nothing else planned for the evening. He didn’t mention that two other co-workers were accompanying him, but I kind of expected it anyway, so good thing I had enough space for them and their luggage. Pulled up to the front of the hotel, they unloaded their stuff, and just said a quick “thanks” before leaving. No offer for gas money (like other appreciative friends that have come through), no offer for dinner/drinks, whatever. He hasn’t talked to me since.

    So... guess who’s going to be “too busy” from now on.

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