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10 Stories Of Entitled Parents Acting Like Fools During A Global Pandemic

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Parents are used to being in charge, but sometimes things happen that take that control away from them. For example: a worldwide pandemic forcing them to relinquish all sense of authority. Now, the CDC is our parents and they tell everyone what to do. How are parents handling it? Not well. These stories shared from the subreddit r/entitledparents show how some parents are absolutely freaking during #COVID19.

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    If My Kid Is Sick, Everyone Is Sick

    From Redditor u/azaleah_:

    Little backstory: because there is a shortage of coronavirus tests where I live, only people who show very strong symptoms or who are in high-risk groups are allowed to get tested.

    So this woman and her child, who was around 10 years old, enter the hospital, which is already really crowded and chaotic since the crisis, and loudly demands to the receptionists that she wants a coronavirus test. Since she wasn’t coughing, didn’t have a fever, and neither did her son, and both of them appeared healthy, the receptionist declined her demand and told her that they can only test those who are very sick or are in high risk groups. Which they weren’t.

    This apparently made her very angry and she began loudly yelling that she demanded that her and her son get tested. When her demand was again denied, she climbed on top of the receptionist desk and started yelling again that she and her son needed to be tested.

    When the receptionist got her off the desk, she then started fake-coughing right in her face and around the hall. Then she apparently threatened that if she and her son didn’t get tested, she would go to the intensive-care unit to cough on and infect the patients.

    Thankfully at that point, security arrived and forced her out of the hospital. The police got called just in case she would return, which she thankfully didn’t. Since she was a regular at that hospital, they could give the police her personal information just in case she would do the same at another hospital.

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    Keep My Kids

    From Redditor u/hanaiam:

    Due to COVID-19 I’ve moved all my students to remote lessons and no longer meet them in person. I sent an email to my clients, gave them my Skype and also the code to my virtual classroom.

    I have a neighbour who knows that some of my students come to my house as I have a classroom set up and she called me out of the blue.

    EM: “Hey, since schools are closing could you teach my kids during the day? I don’t want them to fall behind.”

    [One primary aged and one in secondary, but in the years where they have no serious exams.]

    Me: “Sure, we can set up remote lessons and we can do an hour a day if you want. I’m doing discounted rates so it shouldn’t cost too much.”

    EM: “I want them to go to your house since you have the space and I was hoping you could do a full day, like they were at school, Monday to Friday. They’re well behaved and you wouldn’t need to do much.”

    Me: “No, all lessons are remote and not in person for the foreseeable future. Also, I have other students and work so I can’t do a full day. An hour a day is the most I can offer.”

    EM: “But if they stay home I have to stay as well! I have things to do!”

    Me: “Okay...”

    [I had to hold back the sarcasm since, you know, we’re supposed to stay home...]

    EM: “Why should I pay you to teach them from a computer? If it’s remote it should be free.”

    Me: “It’s still my time, but I am offering discounts since it is remote.”

    EM: “Fine, how about you come to my house instead?”

    Me: “No. Once more, ALL lessons will be remote for the foreseeable future.”

    EM: “Forget it, I’ll get someone else to do it!”

    She hung up and luckily I haven’t heard from her since but it baffles me that she thought I would happily take random kids into my house, expose myself and my family (maybe her kids theoretically) and then babysit them for free? Although she may find some gullible uni student to do it but I doubt it since most people are practicing social distancing.

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    Dine Out Discount

    From Redditor u/MatrioxFilms:

    So to start out with a bit of background, I work at a restaurant and with the Coronavirus issue and quarantines, most public places have been closed down, including restaurants, unless its for carryout. This was just the other day so its still pretty fresh and as the title says, im sure you can figure out what happened so lets get on to the cast.

    Em: entitled Karen b**** Ek1: first kid about 7-8 Ek2: second kid about 5-6 (im not the best with age) Op: me (23 year old male with anxiety, I get panic attacks occasionally) M: my awesome manager

    Now to the story, I was working the night shift yesterday at the front waiting for the next to-go order when a car pulled in and parked before a mother and her two kids got out, and she had every Karen aspect, hair and all. They came in Em almost dragging the kids in and I thought okay to-go order shouldn't have an issue, was I wrong.

    Ek1: "moooommy I'm huuungry!" Yes it was really said like that.

    Ek2: "me too, can we sit by the fire?"

    We also have a patio area with a firepit that people like eating at and can bring their dogs to eat with them.

    Em: "okay honey" turns to me "can we sit at that table, and can you turn on the fire for us?"

    Me: a little confused "im sorry?"

    Em: sounding annoyed "table for three, by the fire, jeez some people."

    Me: "im sorry but we are closed for dine in, we are only taking to-go orders, would you like to see a menu?"

    Em: "whaaaat! Ugh fine." She pretty much snatched the menus from my hands.

    She took some time looking it over while her kids were complaining and yelling what they wanted, I got them some kid menus and crayons to calm them down a bit and keep them from running around the restaurant.

    The Em then let me know what she wanted to get and I put in the order. Then came back and said "that will be $42.38."

    Em: in one of those classic high pitch Karen whine, "WHAAAAAT! Umm noooo, you have been so rude and wont let us eat here, we are not paying you will give us our food for free!"

    Me: "im sorry that you weren't able to dine in, but that is not our fault, you do have to pay for what you ordered or you can leave and have nothing."

    The Em just went ballistic and had a tantrum that was probably bigger than any her kids had before, good job being a roll model.

    Me: "you will have to excuse me for a second so I can get my manager, you can talk with her about your complaint while I get your foo-" she cut me off

    Em: "how dare you, you little P.O.S how dare you be so rude, you kids need to start learning to respect your elders! Ill make sure you are fired for this you fing b*."

    I started to get the feeling I get when I have a panic attack coming on so I just ignored the Em and called the office phone on the one we have at the front desk and my manager said before I could say anything was "im on my way" she is a hero, and already knows my anxiety, and whenever I have it acting up at work she lets me step outside for a bit to calm down and have a smoke. I know its bad for me.

    M: after getting to the front, "okay Op go take a break, hi im M im the manager on today, how can I help you?"

    Em: "yes I want that employee fired, he has been very rude to me this whole time and-"

    At that point I was far enough away I couldn't make anything out but still hear her from the back. I stepped outside and sat down cause I tend to lose my balance when I have an attack. I calmed down for a bit and had some water and a smoke and when I was feeling better I went back inside. At that point the Em and her kids left, I was told the rest from my manager.

    Apparently the Em said I refused to seat them, was impatient while she decided what to get, and that I was a 'insert homophobic slur' and pervert trying to hit on her sons. My manager had none of her BS and told her she was watching the cameras the whole time and none of which happened, while pointing to a camera that was above her.

    M: "pay for the food and leave, or get no food and leave, your choice."

    The Em just grumbled in defeat and payed, and after getting their food left without another word, but did put zero for the tip, go figure. At least it wasnt an issue that required the police. After that my manager and I laughed about it for a bit, and I got a free meal and got to go home a bit early. My manager is the best!

    As for all of you I hope you all are doing okay, make sure to be safe and wash your hands often. And let me know if you wanna hear more, might be a little while till I have a new story, but I do have some more older ones.

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    Give Me My Mission Trip Or Give Me Death

    From Redditor u/jayden540:

    I go to a a Christian private school. My family is middle class so we are able to afford the hefty tuition, but most of the people that go here are very wealthy and privileged. Every year the senior and junior class goes on a mission trip to Ecuador in March. It cost $3,000 a person which adds up to $50,000 for the whole group. Two weeks ago my father called the principal and asked how they are handling the corona virus situation. He gave very vague answers, so my father called my friend’s mother and asked and she said she wasn’t worried. I come to school the next day and my “friend” had told people that I wanted the trip canceled. This wasn’t true at all but I just dealt with this crap until until this last Monday where the school called a meeting and announced the school board had voted to cancel the trip. The parents were FURIOUS and kept babbling about how the flu has killed more people. The principal said there was a high risk of us being quarantined or not being let back into America since we were staying for so long. The lead entitled parent said it didn’t matter because God would protect us. My father told him God gave us common sense as well and entitled parent and my father got into a big argument. Now entitled parent has made it his son’s mission to tell everyone my family ruined the trip. I suggested we help in our community to my group leader and she told me she had already scheduled the trip for April. I just can’t believe we’re wasting $50,000 on a trip that’s never going to happen when we could help the food bank or the Salvation Army.