20 Painfully Entitled People Who Are Completely Out Of Touch With Reality

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Over on Reddit, folks are sharing stories of the times entitled people got a strong dose of reality. These are privileged folks who have no idea how the world works, but who found out the hard way. Vote up your favorite stories of snobs and braggarts who had no idea what the real world had in store.

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    'Do You Know Who My Father Is?' (Hint: He's No One Important)

    From Redditor u/Barkingpanther:

    A friend of mine saw a guy getting arrested in college - kid was struggling and cussing out the cops like crazy: “Do you know who my father is?!” A cop humored him and asked. “He owns the number one used car dealership in upstate New York!”

    We were in Massachusetts. They were unimpressed by his legacy and took him in.

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    Quickly Learned A Lesson

    From Redditor u/Maat1932:

    I was in the Army with someone who wanted to know when the maids came to do laundry in basic training.

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    '911? My Internet Is Down'

    From Redditor u/nocreamjustsugar:

    I'm a 911 operator and had a man call 911 because the internet at the hotel he was staying at got disconnected. I told him it was not a police issue and he would have to talk to the hotel staff and/or just wait for it to reboot.

    He responded, "Not a police issue? This is criminal. If I unplugged someone's life support, isn't that a crime?"

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    Visitation Rights For An In-Law

    From Redditor u/Socialbutterfinger:

    My sister-in-law got in an argument with her brother/my husband and me, stopped speaking to us, blocked us on Facebook... and then threatened to sue us for visitation rights to our 6-month-old.

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    Denial, Denial, Denial

    From Redditor u/lucy_pevensie:

    Showed a parent the security footage of her 8th grader hitting a teacher. She claimed the footage had been edited. Sigh...

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    Idiot Tax

    From Redditor u/CudaRavage:

    Recently started a new job, and a college graduate was in my orientation class. Confused about income tax but straight-up blown away [that] she had to pay into social security. Something along the lines of, "I thought the government paid for that."

    She didn't even know what job she was hired for because her father handled all the application stuff.