K-pop Idols Who Are ENTJ

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Wondering which K-pop idols are ENTJ? Here's a list of popular Korean celebrities, actors, and singers who are ENTJ. According to the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), ENTJ personality types are usually strong-willed, strategic, and confident leaders that are known for their efficiency and productivity. These types tend to be blunt and straightforward. Which ENTJ male and female Korean celebs are you surprised about? 

Famous ENTJ K-pop idols include Key (Shinee), Jisung (NCT), and HeeJin (Loona) as well as top K-pop solo artists, like Seohyun (SNSD) and Leeteuk (SUPER JUNIOR). Vote up the artists who best resemble the ENTJ personality type, and vote down the ones who might need to retake the MBTI test. 

Photo: SM Entertainment

  • Key
    Photo: SM Entertainment
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    Kim Ki-bum (born September 23, 1991), better known by his stage name Key, is a South Korean singer, actor, fashion designer and television presenter. Born and raised in Daegu, South Korea, he later travelled to Seoul after a successful audition at the S.M. National Tour Audition Casting. In May 2008, Key debuted as a member of South Korean boy group Shinee, who later went on to become one of the best-selling artists in South Korea. Key is widely recognised as a singer, but he has also ventured into different careers, notably as an actor and fashion designer. As a singer, he has collaborated with various artists, and debuted in the sub-unit Toheart with Woohyun of Infinite. He made his debut ...more
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  • Leeteuk
    Photo: SM Entertainment
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    Park Jeong-su (born July 1, 1983), known professionally as Leeteuk, is a South Korean singer, songwriter, presenter and radio personality. He is the leader of the boy group SUPER JUNIOR and its sub-units SUPER JUNIOR-T and SUPER JUNIOR-H. At the age of sixteen, he was discovered by SM Entertainment and became a trainee at SM Entertainment's Starlight Academy. After five years of training, he debuted as a member of boy group Super Junior in November 2005. He returned as the host of the seventh season of I Can See Your Voice, alongside Kim Jong-kook and Yoo Se-yoon on January 2020.
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  • HeeJin
    Photo: Blockberry Creative
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    Jeon Hee-jin (born October 19, 2000), better known as Heejin, is a South Korean singer under BlockBerryCreative. She is a member of the girl group LOONA and its first sub-unit LOONA 1/3.
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  • Seung Min
    Photo: Woollim Entertainment
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    Bae Seung-min (born October 13, 1998), better known by his stage name Seung Min, is a South Korean singer under Woollim Entertainment. He is the lead vocalist of the boy group Golden Child.
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  • Aisha
    Photo: Yuehua Entertainment
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    Heo Yoo-rim (born July 21, 2000), better known as Aisha, is a South Korean singer and rapper under Yuehua Entertainment. She is a member of the girl group EVERGLOW.
    20 votes
  • Hyun Suk
    Photo: C9 Entertainment
    18 VOTES
    Yoon Hyun-suk (born September 8, 2001), better known by his stage name Hyun Suk, is a South Korean singer and rapper under C9 Entertainment. He is the maknae of the boy group CIX.
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