Entourage Cameos You Forgot Happened

Entourage blessed the world with 8 seasons and 96 episodes of Hollywood glory. Along the way, countless celebrities were on the series, some making cameos, others making lengthier guest appearances. It became so normal to see actors, actresses, and athletes stopping by that it’s nearly impossible to keep track of everyone who was on the series throughout the years. But, have no fear, here’s a reminder of the most important and frequently forgotten guest appearances on Entourage.

  • Kanye West
    Photo: HBO

    On episode 11 of season 4, "No Cannes Do," Vince and the boys hitchhike a flight to Cannes aboard Kanye's private plane. This is "the old Kanye," you hear people talk about these days, and it even featured Kanye's "Good Life" during the end credits. Did Kanye's cameo make this the best Entourage episode ever?

  • Sofia Vergara
    Photo: HBO
    In the season 4 premiere episode, "Welcome to the Jungle," we're shown a behind the scenes mockumentary style episode showing the making of Medellin. Vergara plays an actress in that film who Billy Walsh becomes enamored with, resulting in problems with the movie making process.
  • Val Kilmer

    Val Kilmer
    Video: YouTube
    In the first season's 5th episode, "The Script and the Sherpa" the gang visits Vince's girlfriend's Sherpa for marijuana. He's got such a different appearance that he's tough to recognize, but that Sherpa is played by Val Kilmer.
  • Scarlett Johansson
    Video: YouTube
    On episode 8 of season 1, "New York," Johansson plays herself in this quick scene.
  • Lamar Odom
    Video: YouTube
    Season 2, episode 2, "My Maserati Does 185," Drama becomes obsessed with calves and is a fan of Lamar Odom's, even complimenting them in one scene.
  • LeBron James
    Photo: HBO
    On the season 6 finale, "Give a Little Bit," the gang runs into LeBron James at the airport, along with Matt Damon