23 Things Entourage Got Wrong About Hollywood

Originally, the Entourage series was an American comedy-drama series about a famous A-List celebrity and his boys (you can find more dramedys like it on our list of shows like Entourage). It was a show about one man's rise to super stardom and the posse he brought along with him. With the recent production of an Entourage movie, the pipe dream fantasy for young men who dream of having it all is still alive and thriving. But what the movie is not, is a documentary.

Entourage the series and Entourage the movie both get plenty of things right - pop culture references, the ins and outs of the film and television industry, lots of L.A. lingo, plenty of filming locations, hot spots, and popular places to be seen, and it gets guys' sensibilities right (well those type of guys). But it does not get everything right, and we're here to separate the fact from the fiction. We're picking apart the cast of Entourage and all of the questionable L.A. references.

How well would it really go over for a B-list actor to run his mouth at a TV exec? Would an agent (even a huge one) be outright offered the head of studio position? Are all women in L.A. really that hot? We discuss all of this and much more as we debunk HBO's Entourage!