Entourage's Fall From Grace: Charting The Downfall Of The Ed Hardy Of Television

In its heyday, Entourage was a show many of us watched. The hit comedy was a critical darling and Emmy Award-winner from HBO; viewers loved the chemistry of the central cast, the insider look at Hollywood, and the glitz and glam constantly on display. Even now, it's hard to believe how many celebrities were willing to drop in just to play themselves for a minute. 

Unfortunately, due to Entourage's superficial trappings, many of us also overlooked the show's glaring issues. Rampant sexism, frequent homophobia, and general douchiness pervaded the entire series. And beyond that, it wasn't even a very realistic portrait of Hollywood, And while it was easier to chock up Vince and the gang's behavior as "boys will be boys" shenanigans at the time, we're at a cultural moment where this kind of toxic masculinity looks much worse in hindsight. 

This list takes a look at Entourage's fall from grace in the years since it went off the air in 2011. It wasn't so long ago people were hailing its praises, but now it's considered the Ed Hardy of television. If you're looking to watch something that aged more gracefully, but still has this show's comedic charm, you can also check out our list of shows like Entourage.