21 K-pop Idols Who Are ENTP

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Wondering which K-pop idols are ENTP? Here's a list of popular Korean celebrities, actors, and singers who are ENTP. According to the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), ENTP personality types are commonly known for interacting with diverse groups of people, absorbing new information and ideas, and enjoying debates as a way of exploring topics and perspectives. Which ENTP male and female Korean celebs are you surprised about? 

Famous ENTP K-pop idols include BTOB's Sungjae, Dreamcatcher's Siyeon, ATEEZ's Mingi, and Brave Girls members Yujeong and Minyoung. Vote up the artists who best resemble the ENTP personality type, and vote down the ones who might need to retake the MBTI test. 

Photo: Cube Entertainment