The Best EOS Lip Balm Flavors

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When Evolution of Smooth first unveiled their line it changed the way we viewed lip balm. What was this egg-shaped chapstick? Pure awesomeness! But just how many EOS lip balm flavors are there? This list has them all, but since the company keeps inventing more flavors, it's sure to grow! With so many flavors how do you know which one to pick? Do you need an EOS lip balm review? No! Just check out this list of best EOS lip balm flavors, as voted on by EOS addicts everywhere. 

Everyone knows and loves the standard flavors like Coconut Milk and Sweet Mint, but have you tried the latest offerings of Pineapple Passionfruit, Apricot, and Dulce de Leche? Or are you looking for discontinued lip balm flavors like Blueberry Acai, Honeysuckle Honeydew, and Blackberry Nectar? Maybe you're one of the lucky ones who scooped up the Alice in Wonderland Collection flavors, including Sweet Vanilla Nonsense and Blueberry Potion. Many fans are also obsessed with the limited edition flavors created by Rachel Roy. Inspired by her travels around the globe, the fashion designer advised EOS on creating three amazing flavors: Aloha Hawaii Strawberry Kiwi, St. Barth's Sunrise Pink Grapefruit, and Summer Orange Blossom. 

If you haven't snatched those up, don't worry, there are tons of places online you can find the limited edition flavors - or you can have your mom pick you up a pack at Costco. In the meantime, scroll through our list and vote up the best EOS lip balms you can't live without!

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