20 Flawless Adventure Time Cosplays That Are SO Math

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Get ready to feast your eyes on some Adventure Time cosplay that puts the "Ooh" in the land of Ooo! These Adventure Time cosplayers know no bounds when it comes to creativity, and every shot is bound to blow your mind more than any mushroom bomb. Be sure to vote up the best of the best on this list of people who cosplay Adventure Time, and vote down the ones that can just lump off!

The colorful Cartoon Network series created by Pendleton Ward is a mathematical adventure that's post-apocalyptic, fun, and quirky, all wrapped up into one awesome bundle. The story follows the last human, Finn, and his talking dog, Jake, on a journey through a topsy-turvy world with no shortage of zany characters; if you keep scrolling, you can see them come to life! Like Adventure Time itself, these cosplayers displayed a depth you'd never expect from what's supposed to be a kids' show.

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    Ice King

    xHee-Heex's Simon the Ice King is a super cool IRL rendition of this iconic Adventure Time character! Lovely photography by Hopie-chan.

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    Photo: mishi / DeviantArt

    Marceline is a truly beautiful (and rockin') vampire queen! Mishi nails this cosplay!

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    Ice Queen

    Aster-Hime is a simply captivating Ice Queen. Photo by AnnetVoronaya.

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    Crazy Scientist Princess Bubblegum

    Witchiko embodies Princess Bubblegum's mad scientist side perfectly, depicted in And Yamasaki's photography.

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    Peppermint Butler

    xHee-Heex is a brave soul who isn't afraid to embody a piece of living candy! Beautiful photo of them as Peppermint Butler by Pongo.

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    Fionna And Cake

    Courtoon is a lovely Fionna who made sure not to leave behind her companion, Cake! Photo taken by Anna Fischer.

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