15 Epic Anime Scenes That Give You Goosebumps Every Time

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In a way, all anime is epic. It comes with the format. The characters are often otherworldly, inhumanely strong, or flat out insane. But every now and then, there are animes that get it just right. Creators seem to develop characters incredibly well and tell such amazing stories that set up scenes for true emotional greatness, resulting in uncontrollable goosebumps.

Goosebumps can be a reaction to both positive and negative scenes. Sometimes audiences get the chills during an inspiring moment or speech, and other times, a disturbing scene cause sheer panic.  

Minor spoiler warning because some of the most epic, goosebump-inducing scenes are also some of the most climactic of the series or film. Sit back and grab a blanket because you're about to get the chills. These are the top 15 most epic anime scenes that give you goosebumps every time.

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  • Roy Mustang's Revenge – Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
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    "What's it like having the fluid inside your eyes boil?"

    The death of Maes Hughes was tough on everyone in the Fullmetal Alchemist cast, especially for his best friend, Roy Mustang. Maes was killed when the shapeshifting homunculus, Envy, took the form of Maes's wife and killed him. Maes was a happy, fun-loving family man and it ended up being his downfall as he could not harm his "wife."

    However, all of that came to a head in the cavern below Central when Roy Mustang was able to exact his revenge on the savage, Envy. This scene proves revenge is sweet but often painful. 

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  • Gon's Rage – Hunter X Hunter
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    "Come. I don't want to destroy this place."

    If there is one thing that Hunter X Hunter never seems to fall short on, it is epic fights. The "Chimera Ant" arc features several sinister villains, with Pitou arguably being the worst of the worst. In this scene, Gon learns that Pitou has killed and possessed his mentor, Kite. As a result, Gon's rage grows until he transforms into adult-Gon and cuts his lifespan in half in the process. 

    It was hard to decide between Gon Freecss's freakouts since he is so prone to going off the handle when his friends are in danger. However, this scene reveals Gon's true power, and it also reveals how deeply he cared for Kite.

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  • Bang! – Cowboy Bebop
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    In this epic scene, Spike parts ways with the Bebop crew to finish his war against Vicious – the current leader of Spike's old gang, The Red Dragon Syndicate. Throughout the siege, Spike's vision is split between the enemies he faces and the images of the past he cannot escape. These transitions are a callback to when Spike reveals that one of his eyes is fake and that he lost it in an incident long ago.

    After the final showdown with Vicious, Spike's fake eye is bloodied and closed shut, indicating that he has sealed away his past by avenging his love, Julia. As Spike limps from the Syndicate headquarters, he's met by dozens of armed gang members, only to pull out his gun-finger and smile at the astonished men before him.

    Not much is revealed about Spike throughout the series as he is a mysterious, gunslinging, space bounty hunter. However, when info is finally given to audiences, it sets up a fantastic sequence of events that make for a truly epic ending to a truly epic series. See ya later, Space Cowboy.

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  • I Am Whitebeard – One Piece
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    "I... am... Whitebeard!"

    One Piece is known for being one of the longest running anime series, and this scene with Whitebeard is all the evidence audiences need as to its unprecedented success and longevity.  

    Whitebeard, known as the strongest man in the world, is caught off guard. It seems as if he's been fatally wounded and looks to be falling to his death. His constituents, with tears in their eyes, rush to defend Whitebeard's honor and memory, thinking he has been slain. 

    But suddenly, a humongous foot catches itself, stopping the fall. Whitebeard rises up through the smoke and flames with four Marines still hanging from the swords in his chest. He then proceeds to pronounce his name and strikes fear into those about to feel his wrath.

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  • Vegeta's Pride – Dragon Ball Z
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    "You may have invaded my mind and my body, but there's one thing a Saiyan always keeps..."

    There are so many great moments in Dragon Ball Z that it's hard to pick one, but Vegeta's famous "my pride" monologue might just be the best. Driven by his obsession to surpass Kakarot in strength, Vegeta succumbs to darkness in the Babidi Saga by becoming "Majin," or evil.

    The price for strength is the control his mind and body, but Vegeta's will is too strong to be tamed. This results in an epic scene that never fails to give DBZ fans the chills. 

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  • Eren's Mom Gets Eaten – Attack On Titan
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    "My house is in that direction."

    The Titans break through the outermost wall into Eren's district, and Eren does what any kid would do in the event of chaos, he runs to his house to find his mother. When he gets there, she's trapped under a wooden beam and there's nothing he can do to save her. A soldier comes along and Eren's mom implores him to take the children to safety as a Titan approaches. In his fear, the soldier listens and escapes with the children, throwing Eren over his shoulder and forcing the child to watch as this Titan clears the debris with ease, lifts his mother like an insect, and eats her without any remorse.

    It's said that the initial (primitive) human fear is to be eaten, to be powerless and devoured by our natural predators. It's painful to watch any death, especially that of a loved one. So, if this scene doesn't make your skin crawl, you might not even be a human. 

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