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15 Epic Anime Scenes That Give You Goosebumps Every Time

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In a way, all anime is epic. It comes with the format. The characters are often otherworldly, inhumanely strong, or flat out insane. But every now and then, there are animes that get it just right. Creators seem to develop characters incredibly well and tell such amazing stories that set up scenes for true emotional greatness, resulting in uncontrollable goosebumps.

Goosebumps can be a reaction to both positive and negative scenes. Sometimes audiences get the chills during an inspiring moment or speech, and other times, a disturbing scene cause sheer panic.  

Minor spoiler warning because some of the most epic, goosebump-inducing scenes are also some of the most climactic of the series or film. Sit back and grab a blanket because you're about to get the chills. These are the top 15 most epic anime scenes that give you goosebumps every time.

  • Vegeta's Pride – Dragon Ball Z
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    "You may have invaded my mind and my body, but there's one thing a Saiyan always keeps..."

    There are so many great moments in Dragon Ball Z that it's hard to pick one, but Vegeta's famous "my pride" monologue might just be the best. Driven by his obsession to surpass Kakarot in strength, Vegeta succumbs to darkness in the Babidi Saga by becoming "Majin," or evil.

    The price for strength is the control his mind and body, but Vegeta's will is too strong to be tamed. This results in an epic scene that never fails to give DBZ fans the chills. 

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  • Kamina Falls – Gurren Lagann
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    "Can't a guy get a little sleep around here?"

    Kamina's death in Gurren Lagann is one of the most emotional in all of anime. Kamina was an inspirational figure, the unequivocal leader of team Dai-Gurren – and as much as fans wished it, the lovable protagonist wasn't coming back.

    Simon and Kamina were an unstoppable team to this point, and while the tragic sacrifice did lead to a much-needed victory, it still left a hole in the hearts of those who witnessed this tragic scene.

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  • I Declare This... The United States Of Japan – Code Geass
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    "The United States of Japan!"

    Lelouch of the Rebellion, or Zero, gives dozens of emotional speeches throughout Code Geass on his quest to avenge his mother, but this is arguably his finest. He is a great leader, as the creators of Code Geass did an outstanding job of shaping Lelouch into a multidimensional character.

    The historical fiction prevalent the show is probably what makes this scene so epic. Code Geass reminds audiences that freedom is not a privilege enjoyed by all of humanity and that sometimes you need to fight for the right to exist in this world.

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  • Eren's Mom Gets Eaten – Attack On Titan
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    "My house is in that direction."

    The Titans break through the outermost wall into Eren's district, and Eren does what any kid would do in the event of chaos, he runs to his house to find his mother. When he gets there, she's trapped under a wooden beam and there's nothing he can do to save her. A soldier comes along and Eren's mom implores him to take the children to safety as a Titan approaches. In his fear, the soldier listens and escapes with the children, throwing Eren over his shoulder and forcing the child to watch as this Titan clears the debris with ease, lifts his mother like an insect, and eats her without any remorse.

    It's said that the initial (primitive) human fear is to be eaten, to be powerless and devoured by our natural predators. It's painful to watch any death, especially that of a loved one. So, if this scene doesn't make your skin crawl, you might not even be a human. 

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