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The Greatest BURNS in Epic Rap Battles History 

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Epic Rap Battles of History!!!! The following is a list of the best burns from Epic Rap Battles of History, the absurdly popular YouTube channel (they have close to 12 million subscribers... SUBSCRIBERS) that features rap battles between historical and fictional figures. From Isaac Newton to Darth Vader. Michael Jackson to Dr. Who.

As with any rap battle, these are all about the SICK BURNS. Epic Rap Battles of History are at their best when somebody is spittin' hot fire and just embarrassing their opponent. So, what do you think is the best burn from Epic Rap Battles of History?

Vote for what you think is the best Epic Battles of History insult, or totally sick burn right now!
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Why'd You Name Your Company After Your Dick? (:20)
Jobs burns Gates
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No One In Your Family Ever Lives To See A Sequel (1:19)
Clint Eastwood burns Bruce Lee
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Was That A Verse Or Did You Just Get The Hiccups? (:35)
Mozart burns Skrillex
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They Say Your Father Was A Great Man You Must Be What's Left (1:07)
Obama Burns Romney
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I've Seen More Complexity In A Couch From Ikea (1:29)
Mozart burns Skrillex
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How Many Times Are They Gonna ReWrite Your Story? (:40)
Your powers have been boring since the nineteen F-ing forties! GoKu burns Superman
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Now You're 6'6 And Black But Can't Get A Date
Hitler burns Darth Vader
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You Can't Be Too Tough You Got Killed By An Aspirin (1:11)
Eastwood burns Bruce Lee
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Nikra Aled Zurc added I'll Beat Your Ass With One Eye Closed, Boba Fetty Wap (1:59)
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What Comes After The 68th Measure Of Diarrhea? (1:24)
Mozart burns Skrillex
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You Got Hitched To The Female Version Of Patrick Ewing (2:03)
Romney burns Obama
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I've Seen Walter Jr. Handle Walkers Better Than You (1:21)
Walter White burns Rick Grimes
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No One Knows What You Are... (:55)
... Except a lonely little troll who knows how to press a space bar. Mozart burns Skrillex
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You Guys Draw More Dicks Than New York Pride (1:34)
The Ninja Turtles Burn The Artists
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You Played Butthole Roulette And You Lost The Draw (1:18)
Sinatra burns Mercury
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Nikra Aled Zurc added Tell South Carolina Blackbeard Got Capwned (1:52)
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Cool Mustache, Wario (:14)
Rasputin burns Stalin
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You're The PBS Version Of Nickelback (:18)
Picasso burns Bob Ross
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Sweet Robes, Obi Wan-Too Many Days In The Sun (:10)
Santa burns Moses
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kierandell1409 added One More Superman Who's Never Gonna Walk Again
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You Got A Bad Case Of No Shirt There, Fabio Flinstone (1:21)
Master Chief burns Leonidas
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You've Got So Much Experience... (:25)
... Down on your knees. Married a writer but I don't even think you can read. Cleopatra Burns Marilyn 
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Used To Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A Bee
Now you double-dribble balls that nobody can see. Michael Jordan burns Ali
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Bout To Get Smacked By My Stimulus Package (1:30)
Obama burns Romney
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I Don't Know What's Lamer... (:53)
... Your fans? Or Your special effects? Doc Brown burns Doctor Who