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The Greatest BURNS in Epic Rap Battles History

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List RulesUpvote the funniest, most clever and sick BURNS delivered during an Epic Rap Battle. Downvote the weak.

Epic Rap Battles of History!!!! The following is a list of the best burns from Epic Rap Battles of History, the absurdly popular YouTube channel (they have close to 12 million subscribers... SUBSCRIBERS) that features rap battles between historical and fictional figures. From Isaac Newton to Darth Vader. Michael Jackson to Dr. Who.

As with any rap battle, these are all about the SICK BURNS. Epic Rap Battles of History are at their best when somebody is spittin' hot fire and just embarrassing their opponent. So, what do you think is the best burn from Epic Rap Battles of History?

Vote for what you think is the best Epic Battles of History insult, or totally sick burn right now!
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