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Eren Jaeger Fantasy Casting

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When Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan horror manga first connected with American audiences, people were enthralled by the action-packed story and dramatic artwork. The Attack on Titan story takes place in a world overrun with colossal man-eating monsters known as Titans. It’s up to protagonist Eren Jaeger and his Survey Corps teammates to stop the Titans and save the human race.

Rumor has it Warner Bros. might be planning an American remake of the series, posing the question of who should play Eren Jaeger. Casting ideas are popping up from fans worldwide, and many are wondering how well an American actor will portray Eren, in contrast to Japanese actor Haruma Miura’s live representation of the character. If you’re ready to look through some of the best actors to play Eren Jaeger in a live-action Warner Bros. adaptation, this list will provide some fantasy casting ideas to help narrow down the Eren Jaeger role for an Americanized Attack on Titan film. 

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