Fictional Characters Erinn Hayes Ranks Her Favorite Childrens Hospital Moments  

Erinn Hayes
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List Rules Erinn remembers her favorite behind the scenes moments from the long running show

The stuff that I really loved, which is rare since everyone has schedules that are HARD, so it's always fun when there's episodes where there's lots of castmembers in it. Those are usually the ones that take the longest because everyone's usually just f'ing around. I'm just so in awe of people that could just stay in it and never break because I've just ruined takes because I'm laughing so hard. 


Shooting the Dance Sequence for the Do the Right Thing Episode

That was on the last night of our second or third season and it was the last thing we shot. The whole crew was out in front, like people weren't hanging out at craft services, they were all out in front of the hospital. They'd put on music and it was going to be the last thing we all did. So I went out there, and I'm giving it my all and doing the running man and backing that h**t up and putting everything into it. Then that's it and the whole crew was cheering and moved on. I was relieved and was stressed out about it because it's a big performance in front of 100 crew members or however many there were.

But after they finished recording other people, they came up to me and said that they hit record twice, so it turned the camera off and we had to do it again. My adrenaline was gone, and I was chilling out and had a beer, so I had to do it again. 

It was such a great way to go out of that season and it was such a fun episodes. 

Jon Hamm's Appearances

The first time he came on the show, you've never seen a set so atwitter. We were in the makeup up like "Is he coming today?" abuzz. Our lovely makeup lady was really nervous the first time. By the last time, we were used to it, but the first time, he's really like a tall drink of water. He's a true dreamboat. 

We all came in that and I had a nice outfit on that day. I wasn't wearing my sweats and UGGs. He's so great and down for anything. He's a real comedy guy.

Lake Bell Giving Birth to Nick Kroll

There was a moment at the end of season two where Lake's character gives birth to a full-grown Nick Kroll. He was basically in a thong, covered in goo that was tinted red, and had to slide onto the floor. It elicited a visceral reaction from people. When he comes out, he looks up and says, "Cha-cha-cha!" 

The makeup artist had to apply a Vasoline jelly kind of substance and they had to keep applying it, so he was not thrilled, but the payoff was incredible. 

Funny Scenes with Lake Bell

Lake and I had this montage sequence where we were hysterically laughing and we had to pull down our pants and pee on the floor. But the conversations and setup that had to go into it like, "How yellow can the pee be? It's not that yellow, it's not properly yellow." That's where standards and practices gets really weird about it.