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List of popular Ernst Krenek operas, listed alphabetically with photos when available. This Ernst Krenek operas list includes the names of all Ernst Krenek operas, so if you're an opera lover you might recognize many of these historic operas. This famous Ernst Krenek operas list contains various bits of information, such as what language they were composed in and what genre the popular Ernst Krenek opera falls under. There are a lot of well-known Ernst Krenek operas out there so this list is a great way to learn about the ones you haven't heard of before.

Composers here include everything from Orpheus und Eurydike to Jonny spielt auf.

This list answers the question, "Which operas did Ernst Krenek write?"

If you're writing a research paper about historic Ernst Krenek operas then this is the perfect jumping off point to find out which famous operas were composed by Ernst Krenek.

Cefalo e Procri Cefalo e Procri is a chamber opera in three scenes and a prolog by Ernst Krenek, his opus 77, begun in 1933 and finished on 3 August 1934. The Italian libretto by Rinaldo Küfferle was ...more

Der Diktator Der Diktator is a tragic opera in one act with words and music by Ernst Krenek, his opus 49 and the first of three one-acters which premiered on 6 May 1928 in Wiesbaden. The score is inscribed ...more

Jonny spielt auf Jonny spielt auf is a German-language opera with words and music by Austrian composer Ernst Krenek about a jazz violinist. The work typified the cultural freedom of the 'golden era' of the ...more

Karl V Karl V. is an opera, described as a Bühnenwerk mit Musik by Ernst Krenek, his opus 73. The German libretto is by the composer. The first full-length twelve-tone opera tells the story of ...more

Leben des Orest Leben des Orest is a grand opera in five acts with words and music both by Ernst Krenek. It is his opus 60 and the first of his own libretti with an antique setting. The score is inscribed with ...more

Orpheus und Eurydike Orpheus und Eurydike is an opera by Ernst Krenek. The German text is based on a play by Oskar Kokoschka. Kokoschka began writing his play during his convalescence and it premiered in 1921, one ...more

Tarquin Tarquin is a chamber opera by Ernst Krenek to an English libretto by Emmet Lavery. Written in 1940, it is Krenek's only unpublished opera, though a premiere in German translation took place in ...more

The Bell Tower The Bell Tower is a chamber opera in one act by Ernst Krenek, his opus 153. The English libretto by the composer was inspired by the novella story by Herman Melville, the events only ...more

What Price Confidence? What Price Confidence? is a chamber opera in nine scenes with music and libretto by Ernst Krenek, his opus 111. This "little drawing room comedy" is set in London at the turn of the ...more