Escape Plan Movie Quotes

"Escape Plan" movie quotes bring the action in the film following a professional escape artist tasked with breaking out of a high tech prison for his own freedom. The film was directed by Mikael Hafstrom using a screenplay by Miles Chapman and Jason Keller. "Escape Plan" opened in theaters on October 18, 2013.

In "Escape Plan," Ray Breslin (Sylvester Stallone) is a structural engineer who specializes in prison escapes. He has a specialized and proven three-step plan that allows him to break out of even the most secure facilities. He's recruited for a new job, testing the security at a high tech facility that he himself helped design. Ray agrees to do the job and is taken into the prison.

Ray soon learns that he isn't in this facility to test the security but rather someone paid handsomely to keep him locked away for life. Under the watchful eye of Warden Hobbes (Jim Caviezel), Ray teams up with fellow inmate Emil Rottmayer (Arnold Schwarzenegger) to plan their escape. They won't be able to do it alone though with Ray's staff of Hush (50 Cent) and Abigail Ross (Amy Ryan) joining in his escape.

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    You Hit Like a Vegetarian

    You Hit Like a Vegetarian
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    Emil Rottmayer: "You hit like a vegetarian."

    In their diversion to allow both of them to escape, Emil and Ray stage a fight. Emil however isn't impressed with Ray's fighting skills, comparing them to that of a vegetarian.
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    A Successful Breakout

    A Successful Breakout
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    Ray Breslin: "The mind of a man confined works differently than someone on the outside. He sees things in a different way. A successful breakout depends on three things: Knowing the layout, understanding the routine and help from outsider in. If you now the layout, the weak side is obvious. In Ben Water's case, it's the secure housing unit. It's located next to an unsecured fire garage. Knowing the guards routine was the next step. After I knew the routine, all I had to do was pick the date. The carton contained a thin layer of wax laminate. Lay it over the keypad, the impression will indicate which four keys were pressed. After I cover my tracks, I had one minute to make it to the fire response shed before the team did. Before you know it, I'm right where I want to be, just in time to catch my ride. Then your men drove me right off the grounds."

    Ray Breslin explains his thinking when it comes to breaking out of prisons. He has a specific set of steps to evaluate the location, the staff and the outside help needed to be successful.
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    You Have a Choice

    Ray Breslin: "This was a setup. Somebody wanted to bury me."
    Emil Rottmayer: "You have a choice. You can die in here or you can get out and punish who put you here."
    Ray Breslin: "I'm going to find out who and I'm going to find out why."
    Emil Rottmayer: "Let's do it."
    Ray Breslin: "I need a diversion."
    Emil Rottmayer: "Okay. If I don't get out, I kill you."
    Ray Breslin: "Fair enough"

    Ray and Emil plot how they are going to get out of the prison together. Ray has decided to break out and needs Emil's help to do that.
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    Testing a Prototype Facility

    Testing a Prototype Facility
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    Jessica Miller: "We're testing a prototype facility designed to deal with people no government wants on their books. The people financing this need to know these facilities are escape-proof."
    Ray Breslin: "Contact on site?"
    Hush: "The warden's name is Roger Marsh."
    Ray Breslin: "When do I start?"
    Jessica Miller: "You just did."

    Jessica explains the deal to Ray. They have a new prison with high tech security that needs tested. They want Ray to test that security. It seems like a good deal but perhaps too good to be true.
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    You Don't Look That Smart

    You Don't Look That Smart
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    Emil Rottmayer: "Who were you before you came in here?"
    Ray Breslin: "I break out of prisons for a living. Someone wanted this place tested."
    Emil Rottmayer: "You don't look that smart."
    Ray Breslin: "You don't either."

    Ray makes friends with Emil Rottmayer inside the prison. At first they clash but soon they join together for both of their benefits.
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    Burn This Place to the Ground

    Burn This Place to the Ground
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    Ray Breslin: "You tell whoever put me here, I'm going to burn this place to the ground."

    Ray has some words for those responsible for his incarceration. He knows he can escape, despite their high tech security, and when he does, he's taking the whole facility down.
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