Escape Room Employees Reveal The Worst Things They've Seen

Escape rooms test the wits, reasoning, and patience of all who attempt them. Ideally, guests will be able to follow the creator's thought process, solve all the puzzles, and exit the room without any serious trouble. However, what actually happens in an escape room isn't always that pretty. 

Escape room employees have come together on Reddit to share some of the wildest things they've ever seen escapees attempt, as well as the potentially nightmarish results. Check out these horrific escape room stories below. 


  • Surprise Marriage Proposals? Not Always The Best Idea

    From GloriousTuna:

    "We've had around 3 proposals in the escape rooms so far...The second was sh*tty. We were not informed at all. The girl was chained and blindfolded in a small, black box room. No idea why he thought that would be a good place to propose."

  • If You Do Propose, Be Sure They'll Say Yes

    From Kingslayer266

    "Guy had called us way ahead of time and said he's going to propose to his GF in the room. We help him set up a custom box in the room and alter a puzzle. He proposes early on in the room, she says no straight up, THEN THEY AWKWARDLY FINISH THE ROOM. Meanwhile when they got out I had to go up and weirdly congratulate them on getting out and guide them back out through the door. Worst 10 minutes of my life."

  • Keep The Props Out Of Your Mouth

    From Null_pntr

    "We did an escape room one time where there were these jars with severed limbs in them. When we got out we commented to the guy running it that we found it interesting that the jars were cement glued shut, cement glued to the shelf, and the shelf screwed to the wall. Seemed like over kill to us.

    Well apparently the reason they do this was because another group had managed to pry the jars away from the shelf and open the jars. This is about when they realized, watching the cameras, that something was going on. So they rush in to see what's up and they hear "Guys! We have to drink the water!" The nasty part was that the water was out of the local river a few blocks away, to get that dirty murky look."

  • Sobriety Is Appreciated, But Not Technically Required

    From nadroj37:

    "What drives a group of people to get highly intoxicated and go do something that involves using your brain? I have no idea, but it happens a lot.

    It was a girl's 21st birthday and everyone was drunk, but she was plastered. She ended up lying on the floor and not moving, and we didn't know if she was okay, so we sent someone in to check on her. She said she was just resting and laughed it off. Later, the same girl laughed so hard that she fell down and p*ssed all on the floor."

  • Don't Destroy The Room, Seriously

    From DontYouDareGoHollow

    "I had been there for 10 hours and a group was playing a room with a locked door as the main focus of the first half, and I kind of stopped watching the screen for a few minutes only to look back and see that they had used a handcuff key to remove the hinges and take the door off the frame. I couldn't really do anything at that point so I just kind of had to let them continue."

  • People Can Forget To Play Pretend

    From IntenseItalian

    "In one of our rooms, we have an actor pose as a spy, and the people in the room had to solve a case to figure out who the traitor was. After they finished the puzzles, it turns out the traitor was actually the spy the actor was playing. The spy then pulls an obviously prop gun (orange tip and whatnot), and the group has to defuse a fake bomb. One of the groups that did this room was a police squad that was doing this to bond. When the actor pulled the fake gun and said some cheesy lines, he was promptly tackled and restrained until the cops realized it was all a game."