Hollywood's Most Famous Eskimo Brothers

The origin and definition of "Eskimo brothers" can be traced back to the early days of FX's The League, which employed the term to describe a pair of men (especially friends) who have both dipped in the same lady pond. The logic behind the phrase is that the two members of the Eskimo brotherhood have both "shared an igloo" with the same lady Eskimo. Despite the term's unfortunate undertones (shouldn't it be "Inuit brothers?"), people still use it today whenever they hear of bros knocking boots with the same gals. 

When it comes to Hollywood celebrities, there seem to be new Eskimo brotherhoods popping up every day. Some Eskimo brotherhoods are scandalous and violate the "bro code" (such as when bros knowingly dated their friends' exes), and some are mere coincidences, but most brotherhoods end in a newfound bond between the bros in question.

Through extensive research, we have discovered that there are famous Eskimo bros dating back to the first century BCE, and probably even before that. So we have assembled an almost-exhaustive database of past and current Eskimo brotherhoods spanning the centuries. Enjoy this list of famous men who slept with the same women, and vote up your all-time favorite bros. Then check out this list of Hollywood "pogo sisters," or the Eskimo bro's female equivalent.