7 Essentials for a Single Guy

The life of the single guy isn’t as carefree as some might think. There are essential things a man needs if he lives alone, and no we’re not talking about an indoor trampoline – although that would be pretty cool. Single guy essentials are things that make you the best version of yourself when you’re out in the world. They pump you up when you’re feeling down and they caress your calloused skin at the end of a hard day. If you were a carpenter these items would be must haves for your tool kit. From cooking utensils, to things that make your apartment smell less like a death trap, these are all things single men should own.

If you’re an island unto yourself, then you know there are a few things all single guys need. Whether they’re items that provide comfort, or tools to make you look good, the things single guys should own are non negotiable. If you’re a lone wolf out on the prowl, consider these your new seven commandments. If you finish reading this and realize that you don’t have any of the stuff all single men need listed here, then you haven’t just let us down, you’ve let yourself down. Keep reading to make sure you haven’t broken the guy code, and that you have everything a single man needs to survive.

  • 1

    The Fifi

    Single guys don't have time for the cleanup and constant upkeep that comes with other masturbation toys. The Fifi not only offers a reprieve from the burden of maintenance, it's also discrete enough to not garner any weird looks from the TSA.

  • 2

    Nice Sheets

    You're a single guy, not a cave man. Go out right now and buy some sheets with a thread count over 300 and give your skin a break.

  • 3

    A Cast Iron Skillet

    A Cast Iron Skillet
    Photo: Stockton350 / flickr / CC-BY 2.0

    What are you cooking that requires more than one workhorse pan that can survive for generations? Are you a celebrity chef? Didn't think so. Get a cast iron skillet and bask in the greatness that is true vintage cookery (that's a thing now).

  • 4


    Photo: P&G

    You may not realize it, but your apartment smells very weird. If the sudden possibility of a gal coming over presents itself, you're going to wish you had some Febreeze on hand to make your box full of comic books and video games smell like fresh laundry and lavender.