Total Nerd Why Euron Greyjoy Could Play a Huge Part in the GoT Future  

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What is dead may never die, but could spark a kingsmoot of SPOILERS! 

Who is Euron Greyjoy, and why is he waving his salty dick in the general direction of Daenerys Targaryen? And why are we meeting this dude now? We’ll try our best to answer those questions. We’re not greenseers, George R.R. Martin, or the GoT showrunners, but we’ll do our best.  

Think of a guy with no moral compass, who's all about power, has no regard for consequences, constantly says the first thing that comes into his head, and comes out of nowhere to completely upset an election. No, not THAT guy. We’re talking about Euron Greyjoy, kinslayer, world traveler and plunderer, and possible magic man. He’s also kind of insane. Like Bolton Ramsay… on a boat!  

Just when we thought we’d met the key players in Game of Thrones, Euron Greyjoy shows up and unceremoniously tosses his older brother Balon off a bridge. Who is this nutty guy, and why has he just now appeared on the show, when we viewers have so many other things to focus on? Well, there's one thing for sure: there's much more to Euron than the show initially lets on.  

Euron is an accomplished naval strategist. During the Battle of Five Kings, he wiped out Tywin Lannister’s fleet in one fell swoop. Before that, he explored the ruins of Valyria—which most people die doing (and which gave Jorah greyscale just from trying to pass through). And he may be in possession of the Horn of Summer—also known as Dragonbinder—which is rumored to be able to control dragons. Remember who has dragons? 

Is Euron going to support Daenerys, or try and conquer her? If he’s smart, he’ll simply form an allegiance with her. And possibly ask her to hatch the dragon egg he might or might not have (yeah, dude might have a dragon egg. You heard it here first!). Together, Dany and Euron would be a seemingly unstoppable force. But Euron is all about himself—and there doesn’t seem to be any room atop Drogon.  

How does Euron Greyjoy figure into the big picture in Game of Thrones? Let’s look at some of his background, motivations, and leverage he has over the other players in the GoT epic. 
Euron Is Theon's Uncle, Along with Two Other Dudes
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First, there are four Greyjoy brothers you need to know about: Balon (Theon's late dad), Victarion (who series watchers haven't seen), Aeron, and Euron. Aeron is known as Damphair—a priest of the Drowned God who, at least in the books, seems to have some degree of influence among the Ironborn. He's the dude pictured above second from the left, and he's appeared briefly in the show. Of course, all these scary guys, with the exception of Balon, are Theon and Yara/Asha's uncles. 
Euron Has Only Now Shown Up Because Balon Banished Him
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In the books, Euron rapes or has an affair (you never can seem to tell in GoT) with his brother Victarion’s salt wife (a woman kidnapped during an Ironborn raid—wives from Pike are called “rock wives”). Victarion beats his salt wife to death for the crime, because that’s fair, and Balon, King of Pike at the time, banishes Euron for as long as Balon remains alive. 
Euron is unleashed upon the world. He sails on his ship The Silence, named for its stealth and the fact that the crew has had their tongues cut out, and reaves and explores all over, including Asshai. Euron boasts of exploring the ruins of the Doom in Valyria, a place that no one survives. Just ask Jorah, who got greyscale just by sailing through the place. 
Aeron Called the Kingsmoot
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The Seastone Chair is no different from the Iron Throne—rulers are selected by order of birth—so technically, Theon is the rightful heir. Theon, though, doesn’t want the throne, but instead backs his sister. But some of these salty soggy misogynists ain’t having it, because they have never had a queen. 
So, we’ve got ourselves a kingsmoot, where selecting a ruler is left up to the captains of the Ironborn fleet. Names are pitched, speeches are made, and gifts are given. And once a decision is made, it’s final. If Theon doesn’t want the throne and the Iron Islands aren’t ready for a woman, Euron becomes the legitimate choice for the Seastone Chair.  
Guess who called for the kingsmoot? Aeron/Damphair. We can probably assume he’s not on Theon or Yara’s side. 
Euron Is the Biggest Threat to Dany Yet, and the R’hllor Faithful Know It
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In the books, a red priest sees one of the biggest threats to Daenerys in the flames: “A tall and twisted thing with one black eye and ten long arms, sailing on a sea of blood.” Euron, who's also known as Crow's Eye, has one black eye in the books.  
So will Kinvara, the new, younger, possibly hotter Red Woman take the place of this red priest from the books (Moqorro) and warn Dany, Tyrion and Co. about this new Ironborn threat?