All Of Evan Peters's Roles In 'American Horror Story,' Ranked By Fans

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Evan Peters has shown off his acting chops on American Horror Story many times over, portraying more than 16 characters over nine seasons. His roles have run the gamut between good and evil, subtle and flamboyant, fictional and factual. Each unique character study is a textured take on a complex person, even when the show's tone goes broad and unreal. 

With such range, it can feel almost impossible to choose a favorite. Did you fall for his unstable teen ghost Tate Langdon from Murder House, or find yourself fascinated and replused by his creepy modern-day cult leader Kai Anderson in Cult? Regardless, you have to hand it to the immensely talented actor for fully embodying his characters, no matter how disturbed they may be.

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  • Tate Langdon - 'Murder House'
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    Previously a near-unknown, Peters blew it out of the water in his first role on American Horror Story. As the deeply disturbed, lovesick ghost Tate Langdon in Murder House, the audience somehow felt for the teenager at times, despite his dark history.

    Peters nailed Tate’s hopeless romantic/sociopathic villain dichotomy, solidifying his place in the AHS ensemble and leaving a sense of excitement over which complicated role the talented young actor would tackle next.

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  • James Patrick March - 'Hotel'
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    James Patrick March - 'Hotel'

    In his first turn as a primary antagonist in the anthology, Peters played the eccentric, sadistic villain James Patrick March to flamboyant perfection in Hotel. Based on the infamous real-life serial skiller H.H. Holmes, March takes pleasure in his unimaginably violent crimes.

    Ever the enigma, Peters portrays the sick “gentleman” slayer with raucous humor. Only a master can so easily swirl gut-wrenching cruelty with laugh-out-loud moments.

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  • Kit Walker - 'Asylum' 
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    Peters’s portrayal of the highly moral but deeply unlucky Kit in Asylum was a major departure from his first role in the anthology. Falsely accused of slaying his wife and others, Kit finds himself imprisoned in a dark asylum and is subjected to sick medical experiments by a doctor with a questionable backstory.

    Kit is intensely loyal and never loses hope despite insurmountable odds. Peters made the “good guy” role of the season immensely interesting, which is not always an easy task.

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  • Jimmy Darling - 'Freak Show'
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    Jimmy Darling - 'Freak Show'

    As a circus “lobster boy” in Freak Show, Jimmy Darling is a good-hearted, tragic character. Though born into a life of exploitation, Jimmy never gives up on the world and does what he believes is right.

    Though not the most complex of his roles, Peters portrays Jimmy with his signature heart and precision.

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  • Kai Anderson - 'Cult'
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    Kai Anderson - 'Cult'

    Peters really shows his range in Cult, particularly in this complex, unsettling role set in very recent history. Kai Anderson’s storyline is chilling in its discomforting, present-day applicability. Cruel and charismatic, Kai stokes the flames of prejudice to gain power and influence.

    Wanting to see the world burn, he rules by fear and manipulation. Kai is a sick, aggressive character that the viewer just can’t look away from.

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  • Charles Manson - 'Cult'
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    Peters serves up a memorably disturbing Charles Manson in Cult. In a thoroughly studied, unnerving performance, he masterfully guides his followers to commit unspeakable horrors - including the season’s main villain, Kai.

    He is undeniably creepy, and it’s hard for the viewer not to put themselves in the mindset of those who chose to follow the deranged leader.

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