Where Are They Now? The Cast Of Even Stevens

For three seasons in the early 2000s, the Stevens family kept many of us laughing and became an indelible part of our earlier years. If you've ever been curious as to what happened to the Even Stevens actors, (or any of the other Disney Channel stars,) you aren't alone. The Disney Channel series even now is well-loved and well-remembered and holds a special place for those who got a kick out of Louis, Ren, and the whole Stevens gang.

Many members of the Even Stevens cast today remain in show business, and one of its central performers has gone on to enjoy a massive level of high-profile fame (and infamy) as an adult. Though the show had a relatively short run compared to many television series today, it was immensely popular with fans, was nominated for several Daytime Emmy Awards, and spawned a made-for-TV movie as the series finale. Read on to learn more about the Even Stevens cast now and what they've been up to in the 14 years since the show left the airwaves.