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A Complete List Of Every Single Active US National Emergency

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The United States has faced its share of disasters, from threats abroad to natural disasters on its own soil. Woodrow Wilson was the first president to issue an emergency proclamation, which dealt with insufficient maritime shipping tonnage. However, the president's ability to declare a national emergency was not entirely defined by law until 1976, when President Gerald Ford signed the National Emergencies Act.

Since the act was passed, 59 national emergencies have been declared. Some of these emergencies are called in response to natural disasters, including some of the worst hurricanes in history, while others are a result of international tensions. Though many crises have since reached a resolution - like President Barack Obama's declaration regarding the swine flu pandemic - there are plenty of national emergencies still in effect. 

From the Iranian sanctions of 1979 to the declaration of an emergency at the border with Mexico, here's every national emergency that is still active today.