The 24 Best Character Classes In 'Black Desert Online'

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We are ranking every character class in Black Desert Online! Featuring every character class in one of the most popular MMORPG's right now, the game made itself known in the industry for its super detailed character creation and over-the-top gameplay that launches players into the world of Black Desert. Every class in Black Desert Online have a wide range of skills and abilities that makes them stand out in their own way, the very best character class gives players a unique and dynamic play style that makes them feel like the hero of an epic adventure.

No matter what kind of play style you have, whether you want to charge into battle or sneak around from the shadows and deliver a series of surprise attacks, the top character class in Black Desert Online is sure to match your expectations and beyond. Standard character classes such as the Warrior and Berserker show off their strength with heavy hits and combos that can knock enemies down in an instant, and long range classes such as the Ranger and Archer brings their agile movements that makes them hard to hit no matter how surrounded they may be. Meanwhile classes such as the Lahn and the Kunoichi showcases unique play styles with their dynamic movements that is unlike any other class in another game. Which character class in Black Desert Online do you think is the best?

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  • Mystic
    Photo: Black Desert Online/Pearl Abyss
    28 votes


    Masters of hand-to-hand combat, Mystics attained their skills after countless years training in the East. From heavy punches to powerful kicks, their martial arts skills are matchless and elegant. Preferring to pummeling their enemies with a barrage of strikes as opposed to a single, powerful blow, Mystics aims to destroys their foes with quick gap-closing movement, grabs, and knock outs.

    Class Weapon: Gauntlet

    Class Subweapon: Vambrace

    Awakening Weapon: Cestus

  • Valkyrie
    Photo: Black Desert Online/Pearl Abyss
    23 votes


    Armed with a sword, shield, and divine magic, Valkyries excels at both offense and defense as they deal incredible bursts of damage to anything that comes within her range. She is also great at healing and protecting her allies, as she uses divine magic for healing and empowering, making her great on the front lines and a true asset to her companions. 

    Class Weapon: Longsword

    Class Subweapon: Shield

    Awakening Weapon: Lancia

  • Sage
    Photo: Black Desert Online/Pearl Abyss
    64 votes


    The Sage is originally from an Ancient Kingdom whose ruins are scattered all over the world, and was awakened after a long slumber. Now he wields the infinite power of the kyve, which instantly alters space to inflict devastating damage upon his opponents. In addition, he can quickly unleash a variety of spells to blast his enemies away and use a variety of magics such as shifting his form to escape from danger.

    Class Weapon: Kyve

    Class Subweapon: Talisman

    Awakening Weapon: Kibelius

  • Musa
    Photo: Black Desert Online/Pearl Abyss
    31 votes


    Masters of eastern martial arts, Musas are fierce warriors who hone their skills in order to create a broad destructive force on the battlefield. All the while maintaining a nimble and illusive style, they are also specialists in 1-on-1 showdowns, since their fast and precise attack combos can do enormous amounts of damage at once.

    Class Weapon: Blade

    Class Subweapon: Horn Bow

    Awakening Weapon: Crescent Blade

  • Lahn
    Photo: Black Desert Online/Pearl Abyss
    36 votes


    Martial artists who crossed over to the Black Desert continent from a far eastern kingdom, Lahns are agile dancers who are quick on their feet and can quickly deliver devastating attacks by swinging their Crescent Pendulum. While her attacks almost looks like an elaborate dance recital, her elaborate movements allow her to reach far away enemies in an instant or get out of harm’s way, making her capabilities seem truly boundless. 

    Class Weapon: Crescent Pendulum

    Class Subweapon: Noble Sword

    Awakening Weapon: Crimson Glaives

  • Striker
    Photo: Black Desert Online/Pearl Abyss
    30 votes


    Strikers are hand-to-hand fighters who obtained their skills through countless street brawls. From heavy punches to powerful kicks, the Striker’s physical prowess makes his own body itself a deadly weapon. No matter what skills he may be using, his movements always flow together like water, whether they be grabs, knock ups, or any of his other numerous techniques.

    Class Weapon: Gauntlet

    Class Subweapon: Vambrace

    Awakening Weapon: Gardbrace