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After A Decidedly Mixed Season 7, How Did You Feel About Every Character's Arc In Game Of Thrones?

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Everyone who bore witness to the Season 7 finale of Game of Thrones walked away with at least one, indelible impression: the Mother of Dragons and the King in the North hooked up! The episode was long and packed with action and info, wrapping up many lingering questions from the season/show and asking many more. Still, who would have thought anything could overshadow a zombie ice dragon's blue fire (?) finally destroying the Wall?

Cersei and Jaime's brother-sister love affair may be well and truly over. But, when one incestuous relationship ends, another rises from the ashes. Dany and Jon, unaware of their family history, consummated their relationship and are now officially aunt-nephew-lovers.  

The show's sprawling cast and long list of characters can make it hard to keep tabs on every character arc in Season 7 of Game of Thrones. Let's review and evaluate every character's position at the end of the season while we face the year (or maybe longer) wait until Season 8 premieres. 

  • Jon Snow
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    Newly named King in the North, Jon Snow left Winterfell to mine dragonglass on Dragonstone. There, he met the mythical, powerful, enchanting Daenerys Targaryen, who immediately demanded he bend the knee. Jon knew there were bigger problems than human power struggles, namely the threat of the army of the dead marching further south every day. On a mission to capture a wight as proof of the undead, Jon and his men were nearly killed by both White Walkers and by winter itself. Daenerys brought her dragons to rescue them, and in return, Jon Snow pledged his allegiance to the possible future Queen.

    While the audience learned the truth of his auspicious origins, Jon himself is still in the dark. Never a bastard, he's actually the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen—and since his parents were legally married, he's the rightful and legitimate heir to the Iron Throne. Great news for Jon (whose real name is Aegon Targaryen), but this also means he is Daenerys's nephew. So, how will Jon feel when he finds out he's slept with his aunt? Only time will tell how he feels about the incestuous Targaryen lifestyle. 

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    The Hound

    The Hound
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    The Hound journeyed North with the Brotherhood Without Banners, seeking to join the fight against the dead after seeing a vision in the flames. He later joined Jon Snow's wight recovery team, and was kind of responsible for the chaos that ensued across the ice lake: throwing stones at the White Walkers revealed that the frozen surface would not crack if they put their weight on it. He then traveled back to the Dragon Pit to present the captured wight, briefly and aggressively reunited with his brother, the Mountain, and is now presumably heading North with Daenerys and Jon. 

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  • Bronn
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    Bronn proved his loyalty to Tyrion (or, more likely, money) by setting up a meeting in King's Landing between the Lannister brothers to discuss a truce. After saving Jaime from Daenerys's dragon, Bronn was reunited with Tyrion in the finale, but continues to stay on Cersei's side. During the finale, he was last seen taking Podrick out of the Dragon Pit for a drink. Presumably, they're wasted by now.  

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  • Sansa Stark
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    Sansa took over the North for Jon while he journeyed to Dragonstone, acting as intermediary queen. She really leaned into serving as Lady of Winterfell, much to Arya's supposed chagrin, and appeared to fall victim to Littefinger's transparent manipulations. However, it was all a front—Arya and Sansa were playing Littlefinger the whole time. After the big reveal, she sentenced Littlefinger to death, and Arya executed him. 

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