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Everyone Who Has Ever Worn The Venom Symbiote, Ranked By How Intimidating They Are

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The alien Symbiote who eventually takes the name Venom debuted in 1984. In the decades since, the list of who wore the Venom Symbiote has grown to outrageous proportions. There’s been a “Venom version” of most Marvel characters by now, and hosting a Symbiote serves as an honor no longer shared by just Peter Parker and Eddie Brock. Various Venom storylines feature the likes of Flash Thompson, and there exists a multiverse of Symbiote-wearing heroes and villains in Marvel comics.  

The black alien goo - formally known as a member of the Klyntar species in comic book continuity - has certainly made the rounds, and its propensity for seeking out new hosts has resulted in some truly terrifying combinations over the years.