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Everyone Who Has Ever Worn The Venom Symbiote, Ranked By How Intimidating They Are

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The alien Symbiote who eventually takes the name Venom debuted in 1984. In the decades since, the list of who wore the Venom Symbiote has grown to outrageous proportions. There’s been a “Venom version” of most Marvel characters by now, and hosting a Symbiote serves as an honor no longer shared by just Peter Parker and Eddie Brock. Various Venom storylines feature the likes of Flash Thompson, and there exists a multiverse of Symbiote-wearing heroes and villains in Marvel comics.  

The black alien goo - formally known as a member of the Klyntar species in comic book continuity - has certainly made the rounds, and its propensity for seeking out new hosts has resulted in some truly terrifying combinations over the years.  

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    Wolverine Is Such A Deadly Symbiote Host That He Has To Be Nuked

    A group bonds the Venom symbiote to Wolverine in a bizarre attempt to find the “perfect host” for the Klyntar, but the plan quickly goes off the rails. Theoretically, Wolverine’s healing factor could make him an immortal host for the Symbiote, but the pairing doesn't last.

    The deadly duo gets forcibly separated when a nuclear bomb is dropped on the Venom-ized Wolverine - mercifully ending his rampage before too much damage occurs. 

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    Deadpool Makes A Crazy Alien Symbiote Even Crazier

    Deadpool likes to mess around with all aspects of the Marvel Universe, including its continuity. Most of the Deadpool tales set in the past are considered “soft canon,” as they outright contradict the established history within Marvel Comics - and that certainly applies to Wade Wilson’s time with the Venom symbiote.

    According to Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars, Wilson wore the Venom Symbiote before Peter Parker sported it, and the Merc with a Mouth bears responsibility for it going insane - but that comes from a highly questionable retelling of events. 

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    Combining The Red Hulk, Venom, And Ghost Rider Makes A Terrifying Venom

    The Red Hulk is better known as General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross - a frequent foe of the Hulk who ironically turns into the thing he hates the most. During a storyline known as The Circle of Four, the Red Hulk ends up borrowing the Venom Symbiote from Flash Thompson and the Spirit of Vengeance from Ghost Rider to defeat the demon Blackheart.

    The resulting combination is not just one of the most intimidating versions of Venom to ever exist, but one of the most frightening entities to ever grace the pages of Marvel Comics. 

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    Eddie Brock Is The Original Venom - And Maybe The Best

    Eddie Brock isn’t the first individual in Marvel continuity to wear a Symbiote - not even close - but he’s the first to go by the name “Venom,” and Tom Hardy portrays him in the 2018 film.

    Brock already has contempt for Spider-Man when he encounters a Symbiote that has been harshly rejected by the wall-crawler, and the event creates one of Spidey’s deadliest foes. The Eddie Brock version of Venom maintains a significant heroic streak, but his dark side remains ever present - even when the anti-hero serves as a “Lethal Protector.”

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