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Every Submerged And Buried Easter Egg In 'Aquaman'

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James Wan's Aquaman is a bombastic, cheesy, and beautiful film that is receiving praise from fans and critics alike. Jason Momoa completely owns the role of Arthur Curry (even if it just seems like he's being himself) and Amber Heard is the perfect counterpoint to the brawny king. The story may lack the kind of complexity found in The Dark Knight or Captain America: Civil War, but it doubles down on creating an inventive and alluring world with likable characters (something the DCEU has struggled with, beyond Wonder Woman).

Atlantis, the true star of the film, is a visual feast that seems to require multiple viewings to unpack everything it has to offer. Even then, Wan meticulously placed several Easter eggs alluding to different sects of pop culture (including a nod to his own work), and they're almost impossible to identify without a proper guide. 

Hidden within the depths of the film are small clues (whether spoken or depicted) that offer a tiny bit of insight into the movies, television shows, and comics that influenced Aquaman. From a small aside about a major villain in Justice League to an ancient tale of brothers warring for a throne, there are plenty of allusions hidden away in what is perhaps the DCEU's greatest flick. 

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